Southeastern Section 2008 Membership

Association of Environmental and Engineering
Southeastern Section
Southeastern Section History
•The Southeastern Section of AEG was started in the fall of 1972 with Charles Livingston as the
first section Chair.
Southeastern Section 2008
Membership –
Where Are Our Members ?
Southeastern Section
2008 Membership Roster –
Who Are Our Members?
• Initially, the geographical area of the section included Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee,
Florida, North Carolina, and South Carolina
Andrew B. Aceves
Robert C. Freas
Ted O'Conner
Jeffrey L. Albert
Bryan E. Freeman
Shawn M. O'Donnell
Jerry A. Archer
Leo F. Gentile
John E. Palmer
Claudia Teresa Assini
Kenneth H. Haislip
Curtis M. Payne
Mark G. Bagel
C. A. Hajcak
Lesli S. Poore
Edy M. Barillas
John D. Harden
Richard M. Powers
Robert H. Barnes
Gregory Harris
Joyn H. Raymer
Lawrence I. Benson
Bronnie A. Hartman
Earnest H. Reade Jr.
Richard C. Benson
Kevin R. Hayes
Robert A. Renken
Benjamin R. Black
Nancy Heflin
Michael P. Riddle
• In the 70’s and 80’s meetings were well attended with members and their spouses, with most
meetings held in Atlanta, Georgia.
Joshua Robert Bolling
Sam Hessa
John R. Ritter
Paul E. Booth
Hartford W. Hight
David A. Roellig
John C. Bowman
Andrew Warren Hill
Gary D. Rogers
Theresa Brandabur
Jay Hornsby
Karl E. Schuler
• However, some meetings were held in Jacksonville, Florida, Nashville, Tennessee, and
Savannah, Georgia.
William H. Brenner
Matthew Ryan Howe
Kurt D. Sichelstiel
Dennis E. Brunner
Wayne C. Isphording
Hard J. Smith
Pierre W. Bruno
Joel Janssen
William D. Spencer
Brian Caldwell
Matthew R. Kalb
Kenneth C. Summerour
Martha K. Carr
Louis S. Karably
Tiffany Nicole Swann
Dawn M. Cinquino
A. David Kendrick
Raymond T. Throckmorton
William E. Clister
John King
Terry L. Vines
Ulrich J. Cordon
Sarah Langberg
Samuel Boyce Vinson
Paul E. Corpstein
John W. Leffew
Timothy W. Walker
H. James Craven
Chalres R. Livingston
Mike Warmouth
Bradley A. Crenshaw
Lee Anderson Mathis
Garrett D. Weiss
John M. Davenport
Andrew T. McManus
Wesley A. White
Don U. Deere
J. Christopher McMichael
Robert L. White
Kevin O. DeGrosky
Bashir A. Memon
David Wilshaw
John P. Demalas
Andrew H. Merritt
Ronal D. Wood
Lane C. Dorman
Don R. Miller
Clyde Edward Worthingtin
W. Grant Eager
Harry L. Moore
David H. Wozab
James W. Erwin
Jill Murray
Manjiang Zhang
Madeline A. Fell
Kenneth Nye
Ed D. Zisman
Robert S. Fousek
John Doe
Jane Doe
• North Carolina and South Carolina split off in 1976 and formed the Carolina Section
• Within a short time after formation of the Section, members wrote the bill to provide for
registration of geologists in Georgia and lobbied for its passage. After the bill was passed
Section members Charles Livingston and james Erwin served on the first Board of
Registration of Geologists in Georgia.
• In 1987 the Southeastern Section hosted the national AEG meeting in Atlanta.
• The Section became officially inactive in 2002 for a variety of reasons, including the difficulty
of providing a cohesive meeting group, with members so far separated geographically.
• The Southeastern Section was re-activated in 2005, with the help of Gary Rogers of the
Carolina Section.
Sponsors “Corner”
The Southeastern Section has relied on loyal sponsors to help defray the costs of our local
Meetings. We would like to take this occasion to Thank them all for their support.
Past Chairs of the Southeastern Section
C.R. Livingston
Louis S. Karably
Carol F. Sweet
R.L. Parker
J.W. Erwin
Arthur D. Soderberg II
Gerald H. Fogle
Jay McAnnally
Thomas M. Roth
J.K. Voorhees
Gerald H. Fogle
Thomas M. Roth
G.S. Grainger
Ray W. Willingham
G.H. Fogle
Laura L. Liggett
Brad Crenshaw
R.T. Dickerson
Lawrence I. Benson
Martha Carr, Acting
Earl F. Titcomb, Jr.
Ray W. Willingham
Brad Crenshaw
Charles Livingston, 1971-72
James Erwin, 1974
Gerald Grainger, 1976-77
Jerry Fogel, 1978-79
Bob Dickerson, 1980-81
Environmental Exploration, Inc.
620 Red Oak Road
Stockbridge, Ga. 30281
office: 770.389.0475
fax #: 770.389.0675
Louis Karably, 1984
Laura Liggett. 1990-91
Lawrence Benson, 1992-93
Carol Sweet, 1995
Martha Carr, 2006

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