EGR 106 Lab Safety & Procedures PowerPoint

EGR- 106
Laboratory Support & Information
Access Card Policies & Procedures
Safety & Qualifications
Computer Software & Lab Information
Ron Grew
KEN217 – [email protected] - 331-6766
Laboratory Supervisor for Kennedy Hall of Eng.
Technical Support Lab (KEN234) EE & CE Support
Laboratory Equipment
Check-out System (KEN234)
Lockers in
KEN 2nd & 3rd floor need to be registered
 Report damaged equipment or facilities
Access Cards
Access Cards
 The policies for student use of access cards in the Kennedy/Keller
& 609 Watson Engineering Buildings are as follows:
 For safety purposes, all students utilizing an Engineering Building
during any non-business hours (Daily after 5 PM, plus Weekends
and Holidays) are required to use the "buddy system" while in the
rooms of any building. This means there must be a minimum of
two (2) students within any occupied room within any School of
Engineering building.
 If you are unsure if other engineering students will be in a building
when you arrive, you may bring one guest with you. This guest
must be over the age of 13 and be capable of following
EMERGENCY INSTRUCTIONS located directly adjacent to
telephones in each lab of the Engineering Buildings. This will
satisfy the "buddy system" requirement.
Access Cards
Should Pew Campus Security personnel find you in any
engineering building alone, they have the authority to confiscate
your access card and escort you from the building.
 The last group or individuals entering the building or a room
will be held responsible for any damage or loss that occurs
within that room or building.
 The roof of the Keller Engineering Building is off limits to all
students unless escorted by faculty or supervisory staff.
Violation of this rule will result in the revocation of your
Engineering Building access card for the remainder of the current
semester plus an additional semester.
Access Cards
 Unapproved entry into any space (i.e. locked store
rooms, conference room, labs, faculty/staff offices,
etc.) will result in revocation of your access card
privileges for the remainder of the current semester.
 You have access to:
 KEN\KEB entry door
KEN244, KEN250, KEN258 & KEN358
Access Cards
 Your access card cost you 25.00
 Return it after graduation or leaving ENG + 25.00
 Lose it or broken card – 5.00
Destroy it – 25.00
 All Doors are locked! If the door has a keycard access
you will have to pull on the door to open it up!
Alternate Energy Club
Meets TBD
KEB Vehicle Bay
We have built:
Electric Car - Electric Bike Now building and Electric Motorcycle
Come Join us! Join us on Facebook [email protected]
Jerry Smant
KEB 105 – [email protected] - 331-7269
Urban Campus
 Entry doors open during the day
 Public has access
 Classroom/Lab doors kept locked
 Watch/Take care of your stuff
 Homeless people
 Fire/Weather Safety
 Bus service
GVSU Safe environment
Up to you to be safe
Safety is nothing more than prevention
Don’t be afraid to ask questions
Think before you act
Powers of observation
Proper Safety apparel
Don’t be careless/take chances
 Qualifications – Pass out cards
 You get # 12 for attending this class
Carl Strebel
KEN 219 - [email protected] - 331-2441
 Computer Software
 Licensing
 Distribution
 Installation
 Computer Hardware
 Computers
 Printers
 Contact
 219 KEN
 [email protected]
 Put something recognizable in the subject
Computer Labs
 No General Lab Computer access
 No General Use Printers
 As you progress in your degree, you will get access to the printers
in KEB 115, 202, and 211
 KEN244, 250, 258 and 358 – General Computing Labs
 Your access cards get you into these labs
 All the software is the same in each lab
Computer Labs
 The Lab computers run windows 7 with active directory
 Login is required
 Remember to LOGOUT!!! LOGOUT!!! LOGOUT!!!
 You have 1Gb of storage
 Your desktop, My Documents, downloads, etc will copy between
 Quota
Computer Software
 Solid Works/Solid Cam, Ansys, Matlab, Mentor Graphics, etc…
 Most licensed software can be downloaded and run on your own
 Downloading and installing is at your own risk!
 No support is offered
 All the software you need is already installed in the various labs
 Find the software from blackboard->community->School of
Engineering -> Computing Resources
 Available only to Declared Engineering Majors
 Direct access to the software
 Userid: egr Password: student
 Warning the downloads are
 Make sure you have enough room on you hard drive for the download,
uncompressed software and the installed software.
Computer Software
 Most licensed software can be downloaded and run on your
own computer
 Follow the directions for installing…do not skip any steps!
 If you are using the software from off campus, you MUST use
the VPN connection
 Login with your university id and password.
 Click “network connect” in the lower right corner
 Printer Setup
 For Windows 7
 Add printer -> network printer -> Printer isn’t listed -> select
a shared printer
 Enter the generic address of the printer you want
 Example:
 Most of the printers are HP 4250 and Xerox Phaser 5550.
Select the correct driver for the printer
Printing on a Mac
Printing Etiquette
Where did my print job go?
Don’t print the “Digikey Catalog”!
Don’t print to a room where a class is going on!
Always pick-up your print job!
Computer Etiquette
 Do not enter a lab if a class is in session
 Go to another lab
 If a lab is has a sign saying “closed” or a computer is labeled
“DO NOT USE”, do not use them!
 It takes 1-2 hours to image the computers, and if you use them
when they are not ready, they have to be imaged again.
Computer Etiquette
 If the labs are full, please give up your seat if you are
not doing school work.
 Do not steal mice or keyboards, or damage the
computers in any way.
 Do not put mice on keyboard when closing the
Ron Grew
Email: [email protected]
Location: 217 John C. Kennedy Hall of Engineering
Phone: 616-331-6766
Department: Engineering, School of
Dept. Phone: 616-331-6750
Jerry Smant
Email: [email protected]
Location: 105 Fred M. Keller Engineering Laboratory Building
Phone: 616-331-7269
Department: Engineering, School of
Dept. Phone: 616-331-6750
Carl Strebel
PCEC Network Systems Supervisor
Email: [email protected]
Location: 219 Kennedy Hall of Engineering
Phone: 616-331-2441

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