“Our Intention
Our reality”
Wayne Dyer
‘father of motivation’
Deep down…
We all know we have a big
purpose to serve in the World
Our Clients are stuck without the
solutions we provide
Our purpose is to serve our clients
Be rewarded for it
The Number of People You HELP
How Much You Help Them
How Much £££ You Make
So if we
Help MORE Clients
and Help them in a BIGGER way!
MORE ££££
To do this we need to…
Follow a Proven System
Play a BIGGER game
This is what we are teaching
 You are making a difference in the World, one
client at a time!
 You are doing what you love!
 You are working with authenticity and integrity
 You have the number of clients that you want
 You have financial freedom because you are
earning enough money doing what you love
 You have time to spend with your family+friends
 You are not clear who your ideal client is?
 Your marketing message is not always clear – a
confused client NEVER buys
 You are not standing out enough
 You are not charging enough
 Clients not staying with you long enough
 Clients not breaking through barriers
 Not generating enough referrals
 Not capturing success stories
 Not enough people know about you
 Probably don’t have a marketing plan
 Not enough systems in place
 Inconsistent with your marketing
 Not born with a Business degree in Marketing or
 Technology and marketing techniques are
constantly changing
 Coaching is not always included in your training
 Practical marketing strategies are not taught
during training
 Implementing authentic marketing changes
 Repeatable, predictable client attraction
 Simple but highly effective coaching processes
3 Steps.....
1. Get Clear + Confident
2. Understand Your Clients
3. Online + Offline Marketing Action
Programme your GPS
Your brain is the best Sat Nav
1. How many clients would you like to work with/week?
2. How many hours would you like to work?
3. How much money would you like to make?
4. Why is this important to you?
5. Be VERY specific
Vagueness will not get you there!
What do I Want in the Next 12 Months?
Mary Walker
With Zest4life I have had 100%
success rate. I have watched
so many clients re-gain their
health and confidence. And
at the same time I have
grown myself, taking on more
and more exciting
Nutritional Therapist, offering 1:1 NT,
digestive, hormonal + corporate + writer
I am a qualified NT, registered with BANT and
CNHC. I have a diploma in NT and am currently
studying for my masters. I have a passion for the
healing power of foods and have experienced
this at first hand.
Nutritional Therapist
• I love what I do! I work with women over 50 who
want to improve their health, boost their energy
and learn to love their bodies again.
• I am the Nutrition and wellness coach for high
achievers in business. If you struggle with low
energy, lack of clarity, less than optimum health or
difficulty reaching and maintaining your ideal
weight, isn’t it time you did something about it?
Bo Tyler
“It’s all going really well with
so much interest - each term
new clients emerge. I get so
absorbed by it and find it so
exciting. I have since never
had to advertise, it all comes
through word of mouth. It’s a
fabulous set up for us – so
many resources”
 Know
 Like
 Trust
Website, flyers, posters,
speaking, social media
Follow Up
7 Steps
7. Keep doing what works. Review what works. Work out
how to change what doesn’t. Keep going LT! Iterative process
6. Get the best possible support. Take responsibility. Get
serious. Commit to someone else. Have someone else support
you during the initial phase of change AND afterwards
5. What’s going on in your head that stops you getting what you
want? Limiting beliefs. Emotional eating. Cravings. Stress. Negative
thoughts. Lack of motivation. Poor self image. Be kind to yourself.
4. What practical things are getting in the way?
Life. Time. Habits. Work. Other people.
3. Plan to succeed.
Food. Exercise. Preparation. Rewards.
2. Do you know exactly what it is you need to do?
Knowledge. Misconceptions. Low GL. Nutrition
1. Do you know what you really want? Get clear on your goals. Beware of mixed
messages. What are you willing to do? Visioning: wire your brain to think you are
unstoppable. Belief!
Coaching skills summary
When working with a client as a Nutritional Therapist, what percentage
of the talking and action planning comes from you? Info is important
– but too much info can be overwhelming
In the coaching relationship, your contribution should form no more
than 25%
How often do we feel that someone has really listened to us? When
we are listened to and validated, our mood and motivation improves.
If the client does not feel better at the end of the session than they did
at the beginning, they will probably not return.
Coaching creates the breakthroughs people need to uncover barriers
and spur them on
If the solutions come from you, the client will often feel de-motivated
or achieve the breakthroughs they need
 Get you Super Focussed on your Goals
 Clear away your limiting beliefs
 Hand you all the systems your business needs on a
 Design you a COMPLETE marketing action plan
 Teach you a highly effective coaching process to
achieve better results for your clients
To dramatically increase your income in the
next 3-6 months
Coaching Programme and 3 Day Seminar
A Complete Solution to your marketing, business and
client coaching needs and questions
17, 18, 19 September – London
£485 (bring a colleague of friend for £147)
To Book Your Place
Contact Ann Garry on
[email protected]
Anne Owens
“The quality of the zest4life
training is excellent, the
marketing materials and
presentations are fantastic.
But most important of all is
the support, encouragement
and back-up that you get
from the zest4life team”
How to feel Supported, Be Held
Accountable and Get Things Done
Accept You Can’t Do It On Your Own
Surround Yourself With Those On The Same
Mission As You
Invest Time, Effort, Energy and Financial
Resources in YOU
The Shortcut to Figuring it Out For
With Support, Accountability and a Little
Extra Help, It Get’s Really Easy
Act on Your Intuition And Gut Feeling, Trust
Your Instincts
 Implement the coaching tools in your practice
 Be consistent and committed
 Do one thing until its done, then move on to next
When your interested you will do what’s
When you are committed you will do
whatever it takes!
You have gifts that no one else has and you will
change peoples lives. We want you to...
 Wake up every day, loving your work and your life!
 Serve your purpose, help the people you are
meant to serve
 Leave your mark on the World
With Support and Accountability -You can do this!

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