Ann Devlin*s Black Salve Treatment

11th October 2014
Ann Devlin
A bit more about Cancer
2014 - A Life Changing Year
My Top Tips for Prevention
I am not a medical practitioner. If you have health concerns it is advisable you
seek advice from a qualified medical professional before taking or refraining from
any action.
What is Cancer?
• 1933 Dr Otto Warberg, Nobel Prize Winner
• Discovered that when a healthy cell is deprived of oxygen, the cells
turns cancerous
• Process involves a change in cell metabolism
• Break down of the mitochondria and metabolism becomes a
fermentation process requiring 50x as much sugar as a health cell to
• Cancer hates Oxygen
• Cancer loves Sugar
We all have Cancer!
• Everyone produces cancer cells
• In the region of 200 -1000 cancer cells per day are
• The immune system has a remarkable ability to eradicate
cancer cells, as well as any invading
• With a healthy immune system the cancerous cells are
attacked and nuked.
Cancer is Modern Western disease
• Early 1900’s only 3 in 100 affected, now more than 1 in 3 and is expected
to rise to 1 in 2 by 2020!
• Our bodies are exposed to such high levels of toxins, hormone disrupters,
EMF, and psychological STRESS
• Little time for rest, relaxation, and to be at one with nature
• Evolution is unable to keep up with the pace
• In remote parts of the world cancer is still virtually unheard of, e.g. Hunzas
• In the Far East breast cancer is referred to as ‘Rich Women’s Disease’
Conventional Wisdom
What is Cancer?
• Experts can’t seem to agree
• The cell DNA becomes damaged – this may be due to
radiation or toxins/carcinogens and the cells start to behave
• The cells resist apoptosis (cell suicide) and instead continue to
multiply uncontrollably
• Much emphasis on genetic link.
Naturopathic Wisdom
What is Cancer?
A systemic disease, affects the whole body
Impaired immune system
Acidic body environment
Disease process starts many years before
tumours are detected.
• The tumour is just one of the late symptoms
• Tests now available which can detect cancer up
to16 years before tumours are detected!
What are the causal factors?
About 50% of cancers are thought to be diet related, so what about
the other 50%?
• Poor diet/hydration
• Toxins and heavy metals, in particular mercury and aluminium
• Oestrogen overload - Pill, HRT, Xenoestrogens, also known
oestrogen mimics or ‘gender benders’
• Obesity
• Lack of exercise
• Parasites, Viruses, Candida?
• Electromagnetic Radiation
• Radiation/Radon
• Trauma – leading to inflammation
• Psychological events – cells have memory!
• Genetic predisposition may increase odds by 3-10%
The Oestrogen Factor
• About 70% of tumours are oestrogen positive.
• Oestrogen receptors on the cancer cells onto which the
oestrogen binds.
• The oestrogen stimulates tumour growth.
• Both men and women have natural oestrogen
• BIG problem now with excess oestrogen
‘Oestrogen - The Killer in our Midst’ by Chris Woollams,
Poor Diet
• Western diet is highly processed and lacking in
essential nutrients
• Food preparation further denatures the nutrients in
the food i.e. deep fried foods, microwave foods, and
can lead to harmful free radicals
• A diet deficient in nutrients means the immune system
will be impaired and body will not be able to fight off
the disease
• Most cancer patients are lacking in essential vitamins
and minerals, may be due to poor diet or
malabsorption eg due to toxins and intestinal parasites
Heavy Metals
• Amalgam Fillings – Mercury!
• Aluminium – food products, aluminium pans
• Industrial exposure
• After World War II the
worldwide production of
chemicals was 1 million
tonnes. Now it is almost
500 million tonnes!
• We are exposed to an
average 200 toxins per
• Evolutionary process
can’t keep up.
Common Toxins
• Formaldehyde (found in nail varnish) – banned in
Sweden and Japan
• US study showed women working in nail bars had a
higher rate of breast cancer .
• Dichlorobenzene – eg. air fresheners, nice smelly stuff
• Xenooestrogens - Skin products, cleaning products
• Phthalates - Plastic bottles/cling film, childrens toys
• California has banned the sale of plastic toys for
children under 3 years of age.
Cutting back meat and diary during teens and
pre-teen years significantly reduces the risk of
breast cancer…
‘Several female hormones, which increase with
the onset of puberty, were lowered by 2030%....simply by having girls of 8-10 years of age
consume a modestly low fat, low animal based
diet for 7 years’ The China Study, by Dr Colin T Campbell
• Obese people have a significantly increased
risk of developing cancer
• Fat cells produce oestrogen
• Fat cells store toxins
Lack of Exercise
• Reduced oxygen uptake by the cells
• Sluggish lymphatic system
• More tendency to be overweight
Symptoms of Parasites
IBS symptoms
Skin problems
Sugar craving
Muscle cramps
Joint pains
Parasites, Viruses and Candida
• Some scientists believe there is a strong link between
cancer and parasites, viruses, and Candida
• Cancer research estimate 15-20% of cancers are caused by
a virus, eg HPV, Helicobacter pylorus
• Many scientists think the effect of parasites/viruses could
be much higher
• Dr Hulda Clark – Fasciolopsis Buski parasite
• Dr Royal Rife – The Rife virus
• Dr Tulio Simoncini, an Italian Oncologist – link with Candida
• Bioresonance tests show that ALL cancer patients have all
three of the above, including me!
Electromagnetic Radiation
Mobile phones
Mobile phone masts
Smart meters – not so smart!
Reduce EMF Exposure
• The European Union recently passed a resolution
urging all member states to kick Wifi out of
schools and go back to fixed line internet, plus
restrict mobile phone use and prepare warning
leaflets for parents, children and teachers
• – advice on electrosensitivity
• May lead to an inflammatory response
• Many scientists and naturopaths believe there
is a link between trauma and tumour
• The ‘Fight or Flight’ Response is an in built survival
instinct. At times of fear our body produces
significantly increased amounts of adrenaline to cope
with impending danger.
• However we may not often be faced by a bear
intruder! Yet we still produce these stress hormones
due to other stress such as work, relationship, or
financial pressures
• It is well known that chronic stress impairs the immune
• It is also well known that stress hormones stimulate
tumour growth!
Deep Rooted
Psychological Trauma
• Cells have memory!
• Past life traumas can affect the body at a cellular level,
which can then manifest as dis-ease in the body at a
later stage.
• By working at a deep level on emotional wounds we
can initiate the physical healing process
• We can affect our genes – epigenetics
• Bruce Lipton – ‘The Biology of Belief’
• Dr David R Hamilton - ‘It’s The Thought That Counts’
2014 – A life Changing Year
Dec 2013 → Sept 2014
So what have I been doing?
• Reading, reading, reading and more reading…
• Then gradually incorporated lots of stuff and
cut out lots of stuff…
What did I cut out?
• Meat, seafood, DAIRY, alcohol, caffeine, processed
foods, microwaved foods
• SUGAR and refined carbohydrates
• Deep fried foods, and bad fats
• Harmful toiletries/cosmetics/toothpaste/haircolour
• Harmful chemicals in the home
• Negative people!
• Stress – at least as much as I could
• Late nights – could be better at this one 
• Radiation. i.e. mammograms
What did I include?
• ‘Virtually vegan’, virtually raw, mostly organic, lots of juicing, Budwig
Muesli, apricot kernels, green tea, Ugg muffins :)
• Reverse osmosis water filter, and ozonator
• pH strips and bicarbonate of soda
• Lots of supplements: curcumin, high dose Vit C, other vitamins and
minerals, I3C, Quercetin, Resveratrol, Milk Thistle, Alpha-lipoic acid… &
• Coffee enemas
• Bicarb/epsom salts in bath, infra-red saunas
• Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBO), running, yoga,
• Bioresonance, homeopathy, Herbal teas/tinctures (Essiac)
• Mindfulness sessions
• Energy Healing – Reflexology, Reiki, Bowen
• Massage & aromatherapy oils
• Thermal imaging scans
‘Let food be thy medicine.
Let medicine be thy food’
Foods to include
‘Rainbow’ diet, Chris Woollams, CancerACTIVE
Organic and raw - as much as possible
Regular juicing
Not just 5 a day, preferably at least 10-15 a day if not more!
Lots of greens/phytoestrogens – especially cruciferous vegetables – broccoli,
cabbage, kale, cauliflower…
Lots of herbs, ginger, garlic, lemon
Flaxseed oil, and freshly ground flaxseeds/linseeds – Omega 3 – ‘Budwig Muesli’
Organic berries – ellagic acid
Red grapes, occasional red wine – resveratrol
Beans, pulses, lentils, brown rice
Green tea
Good fats – coconut oil, olive oil, flaxseed oil, hemp oil, avocados
Dairy alternatives: Coconut/almond/oat milk
Nuts and seeds
Foods to avoid/limit
• Sugar, sugary drinks, and refined carbohydrates
• Sugar alternatives, eg aspartame, instead can use
Xylitol and Stevia
• Dairy
• Alcohol
• Caffeinated drinks – tea/coffee
• Highly processed foods
• Deep fried foods – free radicals
• ‘Bad’ fats, no low fat spreads, butter is better –
preferably stick to coconut oil, olive oil, flaxseed oil
• Microwaved foods
• We are made up of 85% water.
• We need to constantly replenish with CLEAN
• Clean flowing river or stagnant pond water?
• Drink at least 2 litres of water/day
• Should be clean filtered or distilled water – to
remove chlorine, and other toxins.
Easy and convenient way
to clean fruit and veg.
Helps to get rid of pesticide
Residue and parasite eggs.
Also a convenient toxin free
method to clean other stuff.
Dietary Supplements
Turmeric (curcumin)
Vit C, Vit K,
Vit D ( or preferably sunshine)
Selenium & Zinc
Plant based mineral supplements: ‘Ancient Purity’ or
‘Sizzling Minerals’
Use discount code AD21 for 7% discount
High Dose Vitamin C
• Often referred to as ‘Nature’s Chemo’
• Dr Linus Pauling,
• Dr Steve Hickey, Manchester
• Originally Vitamin C injections recommended
• Now liposomal vitamin C, i.e. vitamin C crystals combined with
lecithin granules.
• Recommended dose 5g/day for maintaining good health, (not the
measly 500mg as per RDA)
• Considerably more for cancer patients, ie up to bowel tolerance
level, this may be @ 15-20g/day
• Exercise
• Yoga
• Deep breathing
The Mental Stuff
Healing meditation
‘The Journey’ Brandon Bays
‘Absolute Specialists’ – Clare Walters
8 months after diagnosis
• Tumours still there but no signs of growth or
spread – they appeared to have gone to sleep.
• But I still had a whopping great big lump!
• So for my next plan of action…
• Black Salve…
What is Black Salve?
• A herbal paste
• Originates from Native American Indians
• Also similar paste, called ‘Gumby Gumby’ that
originates from the Aborigines
• Considerable evidence of it’s efficacy
• Most reports are of its use with skin cancer and
breast cancer
• 3 main active ingredients: bloodroot, galangal,
and zinc chloride
Day 1
14th August 2014
• Application of the black salve paste
Day 4
17th August 2014
• Reaction to salve treatment is starting
Day 7
20th August 2014
• Further reaction due to black salve
Day 10
24th August 2014
• Further reaction…
Day 15
29th August 2014
• Eschar is starting to separate
Day 19
1st September 2014
• Eschar fixed firmly in place due to dried blood
and exudate
• I applied poultice which softened the edges
Day 20
2nd September 2014
• Part of tumour came away
Day 21
3rd September 2014
• 2nd Application of the black salve paste
Day 25
7th September 2014
• 4 days after 2nd Application of the black salve
Day 28
10th September 2014
• Larger part of tumour comes away
The Healing Process
15th September
• 5 days after main tumour came out
The Healing Process
22nd September
• Comparison: Day of tumour removal and 12
days after main tumour came out
The Healing Process
9th October
• Comparison: Day of tumour removal and 4
weeks after main tumour came out
Thermal Imaging Scans
So What now?
I feel healthier than I’ve felt in 20 years
Still got the smaller tumour
Still monitor with ultrasound and IR scans
May or may not do a further salve treatment
Keep on the protocol – it’s now part of my life.
Summing up : What steps can you take to
reduce your chances of developing cancer?
Good nutrition and hydration
Good quality supplements
Regular Exercise and weight management
Adequate sleep – melatonin
Cleanse the body – really important that the bowels and the liver
are working properly, colonics, saunas, bathe with Epsom salts
Reduce exposure to toxins
Reduce oestrogen overload
Reduce EMF exposure, and balance body energy
Work on clearing deep rooted psychological blocks …
‘ It’s the thought that counts’ Dr David R Hamilton
Reduce Toxins & Oestrogen
Change to white fillings
Pill and HRT
Dairy & meat
Xenooestrogens from skin products and
cleaning products.
2-3litres water/day
Detox through nutrients – chelating effect
Healthy digestive tract - colonics
Detox through bathing in Epsom salts
Body brushing
Liver cleansing
Reduce EMF Exposure
• The EU MPs passed a resolution urging all
member states to kick Wifi out of schools and go
back to fixed line internet, plus restrict mobile
phone use and prepare warning leaflets for
parents, children and teachers
• – advice on electrosensitivity
Maintain Healthy Weight
• Fat cells store toxins – adds to toxin load on
the body
• Fat cells also produce oestrogen – adds to
oestrogen load on the body
• 3-5 hours/week of moderate exercise.
• If recovering cancer patients maintain 3-5
hours per week there is a 50% less chance of
getting a recurrence!
• Increased oxygen uptake.
• Weight maintenance.
• Keeps the lymph flowing.
Get to bed early!
• The IARC (International Agency for Research on
Cancer) has declared that poor sleeping habits
are carcinogenic!
• Melatonin is produced between 11pm and 2am.
• Studies show that there is a link between low
melatonin levels an increased cancer rates.
• Higher rates of cancer amongst shift workers.
• Should sleep in a darkened room.
• Can get melatonin supplements.
• The liver’s prime time is 10pm – 2am.
Reduce Stress
Holistic Treatments
• Can reduce the effects of EMF by balancing
the body’s energy
• Can reduce the effect emotional and
physiological effects of stress
• Massage, Reflexology, Shiatsu, Acupuncture,
Bowen, Reiki….
What Else?
• Focus on Health not Disease
• Consider replacing amalgam fillings
• Regular self examination – get to know your
• Don’t ignore the signs…
• Send your body for an annual ‘Body MOT’ and
regular servicing
• Bioresonance and Thermal Imaging
Cancer Treatment Options
• Conventional Approach – surgery, chemotherapy, and
radiotherapy, followed by drugs such as Tamoxifen.
• Natural Approach – eg. diet, lifestyle, adequate sleep,
homeopathy, herbal, dietary supplements, enzymes, coffee
enemas, saunas, essential oils, meditation healing,
visualization, relaxation, massage, yoga, energy healing,
e.g. Bioresonance, Reiki, Bowen, Acupuncture,
• Integrated Approach – using a combination of the above
two approaches – ideally cherry pick the best of both
Treatment Options
• Other less well known treatments with limited
studies on their efficacy.
• Some of these may become more widely used
over coming years, and may bridge the gap
between conventional and natural.
• Bioresonance, Hyperthermia, targeted chemo
My Vision for the future…
• Less surgery, chemo, and radiotherapy
• Not rushing patients into making hasty treatment decisions
• Better preventative health measures –e.g. regular
bioresonance testing and thermal IR scans.
• Blood test that can predict cancer should be widely
• Communication between The Scientists and the Medical
• More natural and integrated approaches.
• Get rid of the ‘FEAR’ of the dreaded C word
• Get rid of Cancer
Wishing you all health and happiness,
Thanks for listening
Ann Devlin
Cancer Mavericks
• Nina and myself came up with the idea of
support group with a difference
• To support people through their cancer
• For people who have or have had cancer
• Year long programme
• Mentoring, support, inspiration in a
supportive, nurturing environment
Cancer Mavericks Club
Introductory Day 15th November
• 12 month programme for cancer patients
• Intensive programme covering nutrition,
detox, and support with natural therapies
• Teach them the stuff they don’t get told by
• To supplement NHS programme or as part of
their own personal healing programme
• To empower them to help themselves
Thanks for listening
Wishing you lots of
Health and Happiness!
Ann Devlin’s
Black Salve Treatment
Thanks to my MDT
Rosa & Phil
Robin Daly
Chris Woollams
Patricia Peat
Dr Xandria Williams
Jessica Richards
Family and Friends
Homeopathy & Nutrition
Reiki & Photography 
Thermal Imaging
Yorkshire MS Therapy Centre
For inspiration when I needed it
For his love and support
Too many to mention here 

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