Chipmunks Julie-Ann

BY Julie Ann
* Chipmunks are very small about 20 to 25 centimeters long.
Chipmunk have sharp claws to dig burrows and to climb tree
and to get food. The chipmunk has a brown and a little bit
of yellow fur to blend in with the ground and leafs. When a
chipmunk gets scared their tails really bushy and then they
run as fast as they can also sense far away danger and
dashes away for safety. Chipmunks are called chipmunk
because chipmunk are know for their chipping.
* Some chipmunks live in the eastern North
America. In the eastern north America is where
you can find a lot of chipmunks there. Every
winter chipmunks have a very long sleep un
till spring. Some people call it hibernation they
sleep all winter and wake up in the spring
.Some chipmunks live in borrows hole in a tree.
Some live in logs a hollow tree trunk . Some
live under the ground and some live in leaves .
* There are several different kinds of adaptation
that a chipmunk
has. The first adaptation is that chipmunks can run quickly to get
away from predators so the chipmunk dose not get eaten. The
second adaptation is that when a chipmunk smells food it goes for
the food. Chipmunks have a good sense of smell. Chipmunks colour
bend in really good with the out door woods and forest because
the brown colour bends in with the mud. Chipmunks also hibernate
during the cold cold winter because a little chipmunk can not
survive because it is to cold.
* There are a lot of interesting fact about chipmunks.
The first interesting fact is that the chipmunks mouth
is small but its cheeks can expand to tree times its
head size. The second interesting fact is that the
chipmunk is in the ground family and probably evolved
from a common ancestor which lived in North America
. Only western chipmunks breed once a year. The
place where the chipmunks sleep is kept extremely
clean as shells and poop are stored in refuse tunnels.
Also chipmunks hibernate ,they do not store fat
instead they slowly gnaw away at their food that they
got from spring summer and fall.
* Chipmunks eat acorns , seed
chipmunk hawk
,berries , young brides , fungi ,
nuts and insects too. I think a
chipmunk is an omnivore because
a little bird is part meat. A
chipmunk also eats plant and if an
animal eats plants and meat so it
has to bean omnivore. The way
that a chipmunk gets their food is
that a chipmunk is a scavenger
they eat what ever they can find.
* Chipmunk are not endangered there are
tons around the world. The human are
not getting involved in a chipmunks
habitat. Chipmunks sometimes die
because chipmunks get to old the
chipmunk starts to move really really
slow and they don't get enough food for
the winter. Really the humans have don
nothing to the chipmunks. Chipmunks
are having the time of their little furry

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