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Andre Dubus
Born August 11, 1936 in Lake Charles, Louisiana.
Died February 24, 1999 in Haverhill, Massachusetts.
He was an American short story writer, essayist, and
Other Works
One novel, titled “The Lieutenant”.
Several stories, including “Meditations from a Movable
Chair”, “The Last Worthless Evening”, and “Broken
“Killings” was adapted into a film, titled “In The
Other Works – Plots and Themes
Themes are frequently dark and somber.
Stories frequently focus on many things going wrong
for the protagonist.
Early stories usually focused on male perspectives.
The conflict is sparked when Richard Strout, an extremely
tempestuous man, guns down Frank Fowler after catching
him with Strout’s estranged wife. Driven by anger and
revenge, Matt Fowler and Willis Trottier abduct Richard
and force him to drive home. They then force him to take a
detour near the airport and pull over next to a forest. Matt
then tells Richard to walk away, planning to shoot Richard
in the back. Richard makes a last-ditch effort to flee, but is
shot by Matt, who proceeds to execute him. Fowler and
Trottier bury Strout and leave the scene.
 Several days in August, with flashbacks interspersed.
 Massachusetts
Was the setting important to the plot?:
 Setting was not integral, and could be easily changed.
What Goes Around Comes Around – Implied
 Revenge is Fueled by Passion – Implied
 Anger obscures Reason– Implied
Matt Fowler:
Who: Father of Frank Fowler and husband of Ruth Fowler, this
man is also a friend of Willis Trottier.
Actions: Murders Richard to avenge Frank, and is remorseful.
Richard Strout:
 Who: Estranged husband of Mary-Ann Strout, and father of
 Actions: Murders Frank Fowler in a rage. Does not attempt
to hide from police. Is killed by Matt in return.
Frank Fowler and Willis Trottier
Frank Fowler:
 Who: Son of Matt and Ruth Fowler, and Mary Ann’s lover.
 Actions: Has an affair with Mary Ann Strout, leading to his
death at Richard’s hands.
Willis Trottier:
 Who: A good friend of Matt Fowler.
 Actions: Assists Matt in murdering Frank.
Ruth Fowler and Mary Ann Strout
Ruth Fowler:
 Who: Matt’s wife, and Frank’s mother.
 Actions: Attempts to stop Frank’s relationship with Mary Ann.
Mary Ann Strout:
 Who: Richard Strout’s estranged wife, and mother of two.
 Actions: Has an affair with Frank Fowler, & witnesses his
Minor Characters
Steve and Cathleen Fowler:
 Children of Matt Fowler, they are present only for Frank’s
Martha Trottier:
 Wife of Willis Trottier.
Mary Ann’s Children:
 Mary Ann and Richard’s children, they are present for Frank’s
Point of View
The story is told through the third-person limited point
of view, and seems reliable and objective.
The narrator is not named, though it seems to be
focused on Matt Fowler’s perspective.
Significant Quotations
“I should kill him.” – Steve Fowler, Page 1.
 “He walks the Goddamn streets.” – Matt Fowler, Page
 “Matt had not told Willis he was afraid he could not be
alone with Richard for very long … and then shoot
him.” – Narrator, Page 6.
Plot Structure
Hook: “I should kill him.” – Page 1
 Exposition: Funeral and Matt talking with Willis
 Rising Action: Flashbacks, events leading to Strout’s
 Climax: The kidnapping itself.
 Falling Action: Richard’s death, burying the body.
 Resolution: Matt and Willis leaving, Matt talking to
Sins of Omission vs. Sins of Commission
Sins of Omission – Not doing what you should.
 Richard neglecting Mary Ann.
 Ruth allowing Matt to kill Richard
Sins of Commission – Doing what you shouldn’t.
 Richard killing Frank.
 Matt killing Richard.
 Frank lusting after Mary Ann.
 Willis helping Matt.
Clips from “In The Bedroom”
Frank’s death:
Richard’s death:

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