Naviance - Iowa Association for College Admission Counseling

Presented by: Ann Kjorstad, Academy of Holy Angels,
Mary Docken and Erika Cedergren, Hobsons
MIDWest ACAC Conference 2012
Naviance Numbers
 Naviance started in 2001.
 Academy of Holy Angels has been a Naviance client
since 2005
 Currently, nearly 5,500 schools using Naviance in the
United States and over 84 countries
 More than 300,000 educators and 4.5 million students
utilize Naviance through their schools
 Top 5 Naviance Client States: California, New York,
New Jersey, Texas, and Massachusetts
Naviance Numbers
 As of April 20, 2012 over 13 million documents have
been submitted to colleges and universities via eDocs
as compared to just over 7 million documents during
this same period in 2011
 Over 20% of high schools students in the US are using
Naviance, in Minnesota over 63% of all high school
students use Naviance
Setting at Academy of Holy Angels
 Enrollment: 705
 87% attend four year colleges and 8% attend two year
 1st tier suburb, Catholic high school
 Counselor breakdown:
 2 Academic/Personal Counselors
 2 College and Career Counselors
 1 Learning variations counselor
Family Connection
 College Search
 School Profiles—regular vs advanced
 Admission— Compare Me and Application history
 Financial Aid and Costs
 Majors
 Other tools (College search,College Maps, Career
Search, Applying to colleges, Requesting Transcript,
College visit schedule)
 Perspective from an admission representative
Family Connection for Sample
What do students see when
they first log in?
College Tab
Let’s look at a few college
Colleges I’m Thinking About
 Augustana, SD
 Drake, IA
 Marquette, WI
 MN State University, Mankato
 University of MN Twin Cities
 North Dakota State University
Extended College Profile
Student can link to application
online or request info
Campus Web Tour and photos
School profiles and information
from College Confidential on
selected sites.
All pages include valuable
 Contact information for Domestic and International
admission offices
Link to website, list of overlap schools, school stats,
graph and option to remove school from list
Comparison between student and previous applicants
from their high school
Application history
General information and scheduled visits
Let’s look at some pages
 Admissions Information Tab
 AHA Comparison Graph
 Compare Me
 Financial Aid Information
 Majors
Search Widget
College Search
Several options for College
Searches within the system
SuperMatch College Search
and Advanced College Search
College Match
 One of Ann’s favorite tools in the system
 Section on “Colleges Looking for Students
Like You”
 Section shows students applying to each
school on list are also most often applying to
other colleges listed.
 Shows students a list of colleges that have
accepted students like you.
College Maps
Visual to show map of colleges
that accepted our students
Colleges where our students are
Top 20 most popular colleges
where our students applied
Requesting Transcripts
We are a paper-free school for
requesting transcripts.
All students must request their
transcripts through their Family
Connection account.
Very easy to do! Let’s request a
Colleges I’m Applying To
Students can see the colleges they
are applying to, the type of
admission decision they are using,
whether they used the Common
App, the deadline, confirm
transcript and mid-year report
submitted and the results of their
Career Search
As part of our sophomore
curriculum, we have all students
complete “Do What You Are”
Survey in Family Connection.
Let’s see the personality profile and
possible careers for Sample
Tools within Career Search
 Students can learn more about
prospective careers—overview of job,
knowledge and skills needed, tasks and
activities and average wages by state.
 Students can also select majors listed
and see a list of every college in the
United States with that major.
College Visit Schedule
All of our college visits are
scheduled within the Family
Connection System.
Students can see when schools are
coming by looking at schedule
Contact Information
 Erika Cedergren -- [email protected]
 Mary Docken – [email protected]
 Ann Kjorstad-- [email protected]
Thank You!

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