Unit 5 Starter # 7 Write the name of each compound

Starter 7A (Just go with the
Write the formulas for the following
Cesium bromide
Magnesium arsenide
Aluminum sulfite
Answers to starter 7A
Link to a video on naming ionic
Here is another video this time only
on the transition metals (we use the
stock system)
Transition Metals
Practice Problems
On the Naming Ionic Compounds
Practice Worksheet do 11-20.
Use your periodic table, PAL, notes
on the 6 step crossover. The next slide
has the crossover.
1. Begin by identifying the metal and
2. Write symbols
3. Write charges (for transition metals, the
charge of the metal is the number in the ()
after the metal name.
4. Cross-over the charges from top to
5. Remove the charges
6. Simplify the numbers and remove 1's
Now that you are finished, Mr. J will
call you up to show your answers. Use
the smart board to write it out.
Homework time!
Lots of Ionic Naming Practice
Problems # 21-40
Use your periodic table/pal and
notes if needed to complete.
Bellringer-Get out your
homework (Lots of Ionic
Naming Practice Problems #
Mr. J will call on you to show
your work on the
smart board.
Ok so here we go- We will be doing
the reverse. You will be given the
formula and you have to name it.
Look at the hand out reverse 6 step method, use PT/PAL to
do #1-10 on the Naming Ionic Compounds Practice Work
Sheet you got yesterday.
Now that you have finished. Some of you will be called up
to the smart board to show your solutions.

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