Honouring Quality Education Australian Qualifications Framework

Honouring Quality Education
Australian Qualifications Framework
Nick Besley
Manager, Marketing and Communications
Science, Engineering and Health
Australian Qualifications Framework
The AQF is the national policy for regulated qualifications in Australian
education and training.
It incorporates the qualifications from each education and training sector
into a single comprehensive national qualifications framework.
National Qualification Frameworks
NZ Qualifications Framework
UK Qualifications Framework
South African Qualifications Framework
Irish Qualifications Framework
Ethiopian Qualifications Framework
Malaysian Qualifications Framework
The European Qualifications Framework is a meta-framework designed to
ensure understanding of the qualifications of European countries
Most countries have qualifications systems and in most cases NQFs are
contemplated or being developed into formal qualifications frameworks, e.g.
USA, China.
AQF Levels
Level 3 – theoretical and practical knowledge and skills for work and/or further
Level 5 – specialised knowledge and skills for skilled/paraprofessional work
and/or further learning
Level 7 – broad and coherent knowledge and skills for professional work and/or
further learning
Level 9 – specialised knowledge and skills for research and/or professional
practice and/or further learning
AQF qualification
Bachelor Degree and Graduate Diploma
Bed and breakfast operator:
Diploma / Advanced Diploma
Binder and finisher:
Certificate III or Certificate IV
Bachelor Degree or Higher Degree
Bachelor Degree
Bachelor Degree or Higher Degree
Certificate III
Boarding Kennel Operator
Diploma / Advanced Diploma
Certificate III
Qualification types
A qualification type is AQF terminology for a category of qualification and
Senior Secondary Certificate of Education
Certificates I – IV
Diploma and Advanced Diploma
Associate Degree
Bachelor and Bachelor Honours Degree
Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma
Masters Degree
Doctoral Degree
New models
RMIT’s four year AQF 8 degrees have been revised and include:
Project based learning
Work-simulated learning environments
Engineering degrees include a mandatory 12 weeks work placement
Exposure to research methods
Pathway to Masters
Students completing a AQF 8 bachelor degree can apply for credits/advanced
standing in a relevant masters degree
2014 – the latest news
Four-year AQF 8 programs:
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)
• Automotive Engineering; Aerospace Engineering;
• Advanced Manufacturing and Mechatronics; Mechanical Engineering
• Biomedical Engineering
• Chemical Engineering
• Civil and Infrastructure Engineering
• Computing and Network Engineering
• Electrical Engineering; Electrical and Electronic Engineering
• Electronic Product Design; Electronic and Communication Engineering
• Environmental Engineering
• Sustainable Systems Engineering
And all the Engineering double degrees
Dean’s Scholar (Honours)
Pharmacy (Honours)
2015 – the story continues
Four-year AQF 8 programs
Construction Management (Honours)
Property and Valuation (Honours)
Project Management (Honours)
Fashion (Honours)
Interior Design (Honours)

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