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6th Grade Orientation
Student Sessions
Fairfield Middle School
August 14, 2013
Presented by:
Ms. Mattox
Teacher, Family & Consumer Science
[email protected]
Acceptable Use
O You will receive a form that must be signed
and returned saying you agree to the
acceptable use policy
O This policy, in short, states that you will use
the computer for only educational purposes
O Remember, we can see everything you are
working on during school!
O Having your laptop is a privilege, not a right
O A teacher or administrator can confiscate
your laptop at anytime for improper use
O Improper use may include
O Being on an inappropriate website
O Playing games instead of completing your
O Causing physical damage to your laptop
O You get your personal laptop and charger on fee
night (Aug 28-29 from 4-7pm) after:
O Paying the $50 usage fee
O Parent attends laptop training session (Not sure this
is still the case)
O Code of conduct / Acceptable Use Form with
signature is returned.
• Laptop training will occur during homeroom. For any
other training needs, stop by the help desk.
• If you attended Falcon Institute you are already
familiar with the computers 
O When you are issued your computer it is 100% YOUR
Bags will NOT be provided this year!
It is highly recommended that you purchase your own bag to
keep your laptop safe (especially on the sidewalks and bus)
Do NOT eat or drink around your laptop
You will be given a charger with your laptop, if you lose it, it’s
$25 to replace it
Normal wear and tear (backlights, missing key, HD, etc..)can
be replaced for free at the help desk
Non normal wear and tear (cracked screens, chipped plastic,
broken hinges, ext.) will be free the first time, and $25 every
time after that.
Help Desk
O Mr. Raya operates the school’s help desk.
O Enter the help desk through the library
doors near counseling.
O Come from 8-10 or 1-3 every day with a
O If you drop your computer off in the
morning it will be ready in the afternoon
O If you drop your computer off in the
afternoon it will be ready the following
Help Desk Map
to Fairfield Middle
Making the Transition from
Elementary School to Middle School
What Students Say About the
Transition to Middle School
“When I first started the 6th grade I didn't know what to do or
what to think.”
“Teachers don't know about how hard it is for a sixth grader to
feel good and how a lot of kids are scared of life.”
“Sixth grade is like kindergarten, like starting all over again.”
From NMSA’s "Transition to A Middle Level School: What Kids
Kids Going to Middle School Fear …
Getting through crowded halls without
getting lost or hassled by bigger kids
The lunchroom
Fitting in/not fitting in
Looking Stupid, and once again…
Teacher vs. Team of Teachers
• In Elementary School, students are
assigned one teacher each year to work
with students in the four core content
areas: Reading/Language Arts/Writing,
Math, Science and Social Studies.
In Middle School, students are assigned
to a team of teachers.
Weekly Folders
Weekly Newsletters
Room Parent/Flyers
Progress Reports
Phone calls and
– Agenda Books
– Flyers
– Progress Reports –
– School website
– HCPSLink
– School Space
– Phone calls and
Transition Between Classes
• Elementary school students transition by
class. Classes walk together to their specials,
to lunch, and to other school activities.
•Middle school students change classes
according to a grade level bell schedule.
There is often movement between
classrooms as students transition from one
subject area to another. Students have five
minutes to get from one class to the other.
Extra-Curricular Activities
Opportunities for extra-curricular
activities increase from elementary
school to middle school. Extra-curricular
activities in middle school may include
clubs within the school, step team, and
Time Management
“Doing the right thing, even when no
one is looking.”
Agenda – homework
Management &
From Busy to Business and
Messy to Meticulous in Minutes
Me or
• Mom, I think my Science Fair Project is due tomorrow.
• I have a quiz next Thursday and I plan to study for 20
minutes before soccer practice.
• I can’t find my homework, I thought I put it in my pocket.
• I let my friend borrow my notebook and she lost it.
• It’s Tuesday, Mr. T gave us homework that is not due until
Thursday, I will get it out of the way tonight.
• My favorite TV show comes on tonight, I will start my HW
when it goes off.
• Gymnastics tryouts and Band rehearsal are on the same
day… I will ask my mom to help me contact the director
in advance.
If I stay Organized and Manage
my Time wisely, I will……
• Save time trying to locate misplaced items
• Lower stress and frustration
• Feel good and accomplished
• Keep my Parents and Teachers Happy
Two Simple Steps
• Step 2= Enforcement
• Step 1 = Structure
• Write in your agenda
book daily.
• Don’t say “I will do it
• Keep up with
• Use your agenda book
and calendar to
document the things
you need to do.
• Write down any
materials that you will
need for the task.
Tool Box – Things you need!
• Don’t put it down, put it
• Everything has a place
• Color Coordinate
materials and subjects
• Establish a routine
• Stick to it each day
Backpack Challenge
Maintain a well packed backpack throughout the school year.
Protect your laptop and charger.
Have a back up supply of pens, pencils and paper.
Welcome to the
Fairfield Middle
School Library
Library Mission Statement
The mission of the library
program is to empower
students and staff to become
critical thinkers, enthusiastic
readers, skilled researchers,
and ethical users of
American Association of School Librarians
Empowering Learners
Library Visitation
Library is a great place to be!
We make every effort to provide the fullest intellectual,
physical, and online access to information, literature, and
ideas for our school population.
 Databases
 Easy Bib
 Online Book Access
 Browse, Borrow, and Return Books
 Use the Computers
 Conduct Research
 Must have a pass
 Required to sign in and sign out
Collaboration with Students and
Teachers to make curriculum
Classes visit the library regularly
with their reading and English
classes. Other classes and groups
are scheduled as instructional
goals are identified.
Library Cards
 Library cards from the elementary schools
follow our rising sixth graders to middle
school. If for some reason we do not get
a card for a sixth grade student, then a
new card is made.
 Students are required to present their
HCPS library cards to borrow books from
the library. There is a $1.00 fee to replace
lost cards.
Borrowing Privileges
Students may borrow a maximum of five
items at a time as long as they do not
have any overdue books, lost books, or
excessive fines.
The loan period is two weeks.
Renewals are allowed, but the books must
be brought to the library for renewal.
Overdue notices are sent out periodically
through homeroom classes.
Overdue Books / Fines
Overdue books – 5 cents per day per book
Lost / damaged paperback book - $5.00 $16.00 each depending on the item. *
Lost / damaged hardback book - $16.00
each. *
**When the cost of a book exceeds $25, the
actual replacement cost may be charged.**
Ideas to Foster Reading
Read aloud.
Talk about books you read.
Keep books and magazines around the house.
Give books as gifts.
Obtain a public library card for your child.
Schedule regular library visits to the public
Reread a book you loved as a child and share it
with your child.
Make reading a daily event at home.
Organize a home library.
Reading Suggestions
Summer Reading List:
Happy Reading!!!!
Fairfield Middle School
Presented by:
Justin S. Grigg
Fall Sports
Girls’ Basketball
Boys’ Soccer
Girl’s Tennis
Winter Sports
Boys’ Basketball
Spring Sports
Girls’ Soccer
Boys’ Tennis
Must have a HCPS Sports Physical. Physicals must be completed by a
physician after May 1, 2013 for a student to be able to tryout for the 20132014 school year.
Must have a signed HCPS Student-Athlete Concussion Policy on file with
the Athletic Director.
All grade levels can participate/tryout.
Must maintain a 2.0 GPA
Successful Study
Making Lifetime Habits
By Mrs. O’Connor,
Introduction to Environmental Science and Life Science
Fairfield Middle School, 2013-2014
How do I begin?
• Find a place
• Find a person at home and at school
• Break the distractions (cell phone,
TV videos and social networking)
• Set a schedule
• Sleep at least 9-10 hours a night
• Eat healthy, make breakfast a
Start with Organization
• Begin with writing everything down in the
same place (agenda, notebook, stickies)
• Use handwritten notes between teachers
and parents in an agenda or notebook
• Organize each class, follow the teacher
• Organize your time after school
• Organize your study time each night
• Plan for tests and projects
• More on organization with Ms. Stevens
I know I need to study, but how?
• Know and learn your teachers and
class tools
• Set goals, no matter how small
• Each night: choose to start with
small assignments or get the harder
work done first?
• Don’t procrastinate, just start!
Your homework time
• First, Middle School does require
studying on the weekends—balance
this with family, sports and activities
• Make it a habit, but change it up if it
is not working
• Do you start with the big
assignments or the small
assignments? Your choice.
• Take Breaks, Use Motivational tools
such as music or a healthy snack
• Just begin
Your teacher and technology
• Know your class tools, does your teacher
use a notebook, School Space, websites or
do you need to start your own folder and
• Use email for questions, yellow sticky on
the computer for reminders, keep your
computer organized (it is like a notebook),
ask for help and stay away from
distractions during homework time
How to Avoid Stress and Anxiety
Stay organized
Get help or find a mentor
Don’t procrastinate
Keep your computer in good shape
and back up your files
Write everything down
Always eat a healthy breakfast
Sleep well
Study every day
Test Taking Studying and Skills
• Know what you are studying
• Read your notes
• Retype notes or make a powerpoint
(Keynote) or flash cards, color code
cards or paper notes
• Mneumonics (make phrases such as
• Draw pictures
• Make a Mind Map
• Use technology
More studying tools
• Do not say “I’m horrible at math” or “I can’t
write well.”
• Use self-talk to say, “I can learn this.” or “One
step at a time”
Tried and True FMS Habits
• Write down all assignments
• Ask for help, find an adult at school you can
count on
• Learn to organize your backpack and your
• Back up files on the computer
• Know when you will have a project, quiz or
• Make friends that care about their grades
and school
• Come prepared each day with a pencil, a
working computer and a great attitude
Final Thoughts
• Set short term goals and dream big
for your long term goals
• Know that some days are going to
suck and it will be better tomorrow
• Don’t hold back
• #1 goal should be time management
• Keep your head up and find help
when you need it
Clubs & Activities
 For the clubs and activities presentation please click on
the following link:
 http://prezi.com/qirgccqpfhuc/?utm_campaign=share&u
Fairfield Middle School
Middle School Expectations
Mr. Dublin, Administrative Aide, IB
Humanities, and U.S. History I
1) Life as a 6th Grader
3) Code of Conduct and
FMS Student Handbook
Life as a 6th Grader
• Multiple classes, multiple
• Everything will be bigger
(classes, campus, students)
• Bottom of the pile (6th) vs.
top of the pile (5th)
• Academically more rigorous
and performance-focused
(instead of task-focused)
Life as a 6th Grader
What’s on their minds…
• Physical and logistical concerns –
finding and changing classes,
crowded walkways, and lockers
• Social concerns – making new
friends, reconnecting with old
friends, and dealing with problems
• Academic concerns – meeting
increased academic demands,
organizing for multiple subjects
and long term assignments
PRIDE (School Wide Expectations)
• -using kind verbal and
nonverbal expressions (body
language, gestures, words)
• -being courteous and polite in
language and actions
PRIDE (School Wide Expectations)
• choosing to do what is right
and good at all times
• following guidelines,
expectations, and requests of
all adults at all times in all
PRIDE (School Wide Expectations)
• demonstrating your best efforts
on all tasks at all times with all
FMS Student Handbook
This document includes
information about students
expectations and will be located in
the Student Agenda Book. It will
also include the FALCON
I pledge to try my best, have courage,
include others, be respectful and
responsible, act non-violently, and
celebrate ways that I can improve the
world around me.
Code of Conduct
All students have the right to
learn in a safe and orderly
environment. Therefore,
appropriate behavior is expected
of all students at all times. Please
read and discuss the Code of
Conduct from Henrico County
Public Schools. Students must
follow these rules. Code of
Conduct assemblies will be held
in September and in January.
Our Partnership
Consequences for
inappropriate behavior include:
• Warning; likely a phone call home
• Consequence assigned by the teacher (lunch
detention, time out, etc.)
• Administrative Detention (Afternoon or
*Saturday 9:00AM – 11:00AM)
• ALC (**Alternative Learning Center or In-School
• OSS (Out of School Suspension)
• 10 day Suspension/Hearing with Administrator,
Principal, or DRHO (Disciplinary Review
Hearing Officer)
*This is an alternative to Alternative Learning Center
**This is an alternative to Out of School Suspension
The Basics of
An Introduction to IB
Philosophy and Traits
What is IB?
 IB
is the International Baccalaureate
 An international program with similar
curriculum models (the way we teach) in
hundreds of countries.
Do I have to know this?
I’m not IB!
 Yes,
FMS is an IB MYP World Authorized
School. You attend this school.
 IB and non-IB students are all proud to be
Fairfield Falcons!
 Many IB philosophies will be taught
school-wide at FMS because they are
good practices.
IB Mission Statement
The International Baccalaureate aims to develop
inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young
people who help to create a better and more
peaceful world through intercultural understanding
and respect.
To this end the organization works with schools,
governments and international organizations to
develop challenging programmes of international
education and rigorous assessment.
These programmes encourage students across the
world to become active, compassionate and
lifelong learners who understand that other
people, with their differences, can also be right.
FMS Whole School IB
Holistic Learning= Teaching the whole student
Community and Service= Helping others
Learner Profile Traits= Character Education
International Education= Awareness of other
cultures, differences and commonalities
Communication= Efficiency in
communicating in various methods in an
appropriate manner
Grade level year
long community
and service projects
Club based
community and
service projects
community and
service projects
Falcon Focus to
create your own
community and
service projects
Focus on identifying
communities in
need AND your own
strengths to help
fulfill those needs
FMS Community
and Service
IB students are required to
participate in a minimum of 20
hours of community and service.
All FMS students may earn an
HCPS certificate of achievement
for community and service!
FMS Learner
Profile Traits
Monthly FMS LP Trait is
celebrated through activities
and awards. Winners will be
posted in the cafeterias. These
traits are what all FMS students
and staff strive to display!
 Current
 Classroom
 Community
 FMS International
 Visiting guests
and speakers
 Travel
opportunities in
spring and
FMS International
Exposure to different cultures,
identifying individual student
culture, and understanding
differences will be a focus of class
activities and school activities. All
FMS students will be competing for
jobs and resources in a global
Public speaking
Creative writing
Scrap book
Foreign language
Communication is an
important skill in the new global
society. Effectively
communicating in a variety of
modes will help all FMS
The Basics of IB
 Welcome
to Fairfield Middle SchoolHome of the Falcons!
 Thank
you for attending!

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