Why use eCourseware for grades?

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Why use eCourseware for grades?
• eCourseware allows for complete confidentiality on a
consistent platform for students. Information is kept without
worry of misplacement and always there for future
• Use the Grades tool to set up a grade book for evaluating
users’ performance. You can set up grade items for any
number of projects, assignments and tests, and evaluate
users in many different ways. You can also associate grades
with items in the Dropbox, Quizzes, Discussions, and
Competencies tools.
• You control the grading formula used to calculate grades, and
what grades and statistics are released to your users.
Accessing the Grades tool
• Access the Grades tool by clicking the
Grades link on your course navigation bar.
• Setting up and managing your grade
– Weighted system
• Use to calculate grade items as a percentage of a
final grade worth 100%
– Points system
• Use when you want the maximum points assigned
to a grade item to be equal to its contribution to
the final grade
Final Grade Choices
• Calculated Final Grade
– Calculated final grade is based on the grading
formula set up in the grade book. It cannot be
adjusted to accommodate special
circumstances without editing individual grade
items or categories and recalculating the total.
• Adjusted Final Grade
– Adjusted final grade lets you modify or adjust
a users’ grade before releasing it. You can use
the calculated grade for final grades that don’t
need adjustment.
Grades Setup Wizard
• The Grades Setup Wizard takes you through a list of setup
options that you should set before you create grade items and
Step 1: Choose Grading System
Step 2: Final Grade Released
Step 3: Grade Calculations
Step 4: Choose Default Grade Scheme
Step 5: User Leading a Course View Display Options
Step 6: User View Display Options
Step 7: Grade Setup Summary
Optimal settings for large courses
• Set the number of users to display per page to a
low value.
• Sort the User List by user instead of grades.
• View the User List by group or section if possible.
• Do not show decimal places in the grade book.
• Do not select the Automatically keep final grade
updated option.
• Only display one user detail in the grade book.
The Grade User Guide can be downloaded
How to use eCourseware Grades for your
• Now that we have reviewed some simple
steps, let’s see how it all fits together.

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