AQI and QCDR - Anesthesia Quality Institute

The nuts and bolts of QCDR reporting
via AQI
PQRS reporting via QCDR
• The Qualified Clinical Data Registry is a new
PQRS reporting channel in 2014.
• AQI has been designated as a QCDR.
• Practices can do PQRS reporting through AQI
via the QCDR reporting channel.
QCDR Reporting through AQI
• Sign-up for the ASA QCDR Service
– ASA is selling the service
– AQI is the technical services vendor
• Sign-up with AQI
– Groups must be AQI participants
• Contribute the correct data to AQI for PQRS
reporting via the QCDR channel
ASA QCDR Service
• The American Society of Anesthesiologists
(ASA), through its affiliate, Anesthesia Quality
Institute (AQI), has developed a meaningful
way for physician anesthesiologists to
successfully participate in the PQRS.
• More information is available on the ASA
website here:
• Send Questions to – [email protected]
AQI Participation
• In order to report PQRS via QCDR with AQI,
groups must be participants of AQI.
• More information about participating in AQI is
on the AQI website:
2015 PQRS reporting via QCDR
• 9 measures from 3 domains including at least
2 outcomes
• Report on all cases
– This is different from claims made reporting
• MAV does not apply
• Monthly feedback on each EP and each
measure via reporting from AQI
QCDR Reporting Steps
• Collect the data – demographic and clinical
• Report data to AQI
• Monitor the QCDR reports provided by AQI
• Review data at end of year
• AQI submits your data to CMS
The Measures
• 19 measures
– 8 existing PQRS measures
– 11 non-PQRS QCDR measures
• 12 measures must be reported using Cat II CPT
• 7 measures reporting using other codes
• The measures cover a variety of domains
– Process, Communication and Care Coordination,
Outcomes, Effective Clinic Care, & Patient Safety
Collect the clinical data
• QCDR requires reporting on 9 measures across
3 NQS domains including 2 outcomes.
• This data will come from a variety of systems
– Billing - general demographic and process
– Quality Capture – clinical outcomes
– AIMS – clinical outcomes/patient safety
– EMR – clinical outcomes and other domains
Collecting data for Process Measures
• Claims reporting works well for collecting
process measures.
• Providers check a box on a piece of paper.
• Coders enter Cat II CPT codes into the billing
system and the codes come to AQI.
• Many of the measures can be collected and
reported using Cat II CPT codes via the billing
Collecting Data for Clinical Measures
• Clinical outcomes will need to be collected to
satisfactorily participate in PQRS QCDR
• Many groups collect clinical outcomes using
paper forms
• Data needs to be digitized and coded to AQI
• Data will then be uploaded to AQI’s FTP server
Collecting data from AIMS/EMR
• Your EMR/AIMS will contain several useful
– Use of transfer of care checklist is an example
• Groups will need to work with their software
provider to create reporting
– This includes entering the data and extracting the
• Output file will be sent to AQI
Report your data to AQI
• The data required for QCDR reporting most
likely will be in multiple files
• These files will need to be uploaded to AQI
• AQI will work with you to ensure the proper
data is being reported
• Work with your vendors – billing, quality,
AIMS, EMR to ensure their systems are
capturing the data you need and reporting it
to AQI
Monitor Reports
• AQI provides feedback at the group and
individual EP level on all measures you send in
• Reports are refreshed with every new data file
groups submit
• AQI will schedule periodic meetings to review
your reports
• There will be a meeting with signoff prior to
AQI submitting your data
QCDR Reporting – Success Factors
• Groups who are able to satisfactorily
participate in PQRS via QCDR:
– Are members of AQI (and submit the correct data)
– Have a quality capture program in place
– Dedicate staff/resources to the QCDR project
– Want to be seen as leaders in the field
Next Steps
• Contact AQI to setup a meeting to discuss
your current local conditions and capabilities
• AQI is here to guide you on the path to
satisfactory participation in PQRS via the
CMS Resources – Simple version
• CMS documentation on 2014 QCDR:

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