Transit Connections 2013

Transit Connections 2013
The Value of Transit
Transit: It’s Personal
Amy Fitch
University of Nevada, Reno
Kevin Schiller
Washoe County
Department of Social
Julie D. Hunter
Washoe County Health District
Washoe County Health District,
Air Quality Management
Julie Hunter
Senior Air Quality Specialist
Transit Connections, December 6, 2013
Air Quality Management Division
 Monitoring – Measures the level of criteria pollutants
 Planning – Establishes rules and regulations to reduce air
pollutants of concern in the area
 Permitting – Issues Permits to Operate with conditions to
reduce/limit emissions
 Enforcement – Ensures compliance with permit
conditions and regulations governing air quality
AQM Monitoring Network
• 8 Sites in Southern
Washoe County
• Operates 24/7
• Meets EPA
• Reviewed annually
• Changes approved by
Monitoring Station
Criteria Air Pollutants
Carbon Monoxide (CO)
Particulate Matter (PM)
Sulfur Dioxide (SO2)
Nitrogen Dioxide (NOx)
Ozone (O3)
Air Quality Index (AQI)
• Pollutant levels
calculate daily AQI
• AQI reported daily to
• AQI level determines
health effects
Health Effects of Ozone
o Cough
o Throat Irritation
o Pain, burning, or
discomfort in the
chest when taking a
deep breath
o Chest tightness,
wheezing, or
shortness of breath
Health Effects of Particulates
• Particulate Matter
o Coughing, wheezing,
shortness of breath
o Aggravated asthma
o Lung damage
(including decreased
lung function and
lifelong respiratory
Pollution Calculation
• Pollution per Mile Calculation (Washoe County):
• Annual Emissions: 2,580,403 tons/year
• Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT): 11,507,066 per day
• Vehicle Population: 267,157 number of vehicles
Pollution from Vehicles
• Average vehicle drives
43.1 miles per day
• 53.7 lbs of emissions
per day per vehicle
• 1.2 lbs pollution per
Transit Solutions
Active Transportation Benefits
• Motor vehicles are the largest
contributor to ozone in Washoe County
• 40% of all trips are two miles or less,
these short trips lead to “cold starts”
which are a big source of emissions.
• One mile pedaled or walked saves 1.2
pounds of pollution
Solutions to Reduce Pollution
• Public transit, carpool,
or active transportation
• Combine errands
• Limit engine idling
• Safe refueling
• Refuel vehicles after dusk
• Keep vehicle tuned and
tires inflated
Keep it Clean
• Know the Code
• Rack Em Up
• nOzone

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