Analytics Software for
Energy Management and Building Systems Optimization
and Equipment Fault Detection
December 2011
Data is the Driver
We now have access to
data… lots of it!
Building automation system data
Utility data
Metering data
Equipment/asset data
IP/web connected automation
systems and smart devices
Standard protocols
Standard data formats
Hidden in this
data are the keys
to better building
How can we turn the data into useful information?
The challenge…
Find what matters…
…To You
(quickly, easily, efficiently, automatically)
That’s What SkySpark Does
Software that automatically looks
for “issues” – we call them sparks
Across a wide range of data with different sources
and formats
Processes rules to generate sparks
Easily add new rules without re-programming
The result: Turn operational data into
actionable issues with minimal intervention!
What Customers are Saying
“Dashboards are great but – I need someone to tell
me when I should look at a dashboard – tell me when
there is something important that deserves my
“as if I had an experienced mechanical engineer
constantly reviewing system operation to find issues –
which is simply not sustainable or scalable”
Examples of Issues Real Owners Find
Things That Matter
Simultaneous heating and cooling in a single unit or across
groups, short cycling, lack of diversity control
Deviation of energy intensity (kw/sq ft/degree day) from
benchmarks, baselines, goals along with time, duration and cost
Degradation of cooling or heating performance (i.e., unit runs
but does not deliver expected cooling/heating)
Economizers open while heating and cooling
Non-functioning sensors (temp, kw, etc)
Lights or other loads operating when they shouldn’t
Setpoints overridden and not changing with schedules as
What matters to you?
The Old Way
A very manual process
View graphics
of equipment systems
Review reports or history logs
need to understand the issue when programming system
single variable - single point in time
simple limit-based relationships – many systems not
capable of complex alarm logic
Import data into Excel for manual analysis
No single tool that works across all kinds of data
How do you do this today?
Thinking about “it” in a new way
Business Intelligence software for the
physical world of building, energy and
equipment data
Rethink how you organize data
Rethink how you visualize data
Rethink how you analyze data
Rethink how you consume the result
Three Steps
Bring data into SkySpark
Step 2
Give the data meaning via “tags”
No need to maintain
rigid schemas – add
tags whenever you
• Dimensions
• Relationships
• Location
• Other meaning and descriptors
Step 3
Rules and “Sparks”
Choose or define rules to find exactly
what matters to you
Sample rule:
dis: Simultaneous Heating and Cooling
(the text we will display)
ruleOn: ahu (this is the tag the rule will work on)
ruleFunc: hisPeriodIntersection([heat, cool]) (this is the
rule expression)
The result – a sample “spark’:
2010-Oct-03 | Zone Temp Too Hot | Floor-2 Zone-A
And SkySpark automatically generates views to show the issue!
The Result:
Know what your
systems are really
Automatically scans your
data to find what matters
Automatically generates
views on issues detected
Identify an issue once –
SkySpark finds it forever
Build up libraries of
analytic rules to fit your
facility needs
Convert your domain
knowledge to rules –
your value continues to
The “Spark detail” page – shows everything
related to the occurrence of an issue
Technology Overview
3 core components plus open API’s for integration with third
party applications
Visualize Fresco html5
Organize Folio
Runs on Windows,
Mac and Linux from
laptop to Amazon
Use as an end-toend product or as
a backend
SkyFoundry Apps
You can extend the
product by building
your own Apps
inside it, or by
integrating it with
your external Apps
A Deeper Look at SkySpark
Applications and Tools
A Deeper
Look at SkySpark
Applications and Tools – Demonstration
The Site Spark App – User’s Dashboard
to Review and Investigate Sparks
Spark Detail View
Simply click on a spark
notification to get an
automatically generated
view of relevant data items
The Energy App – The Essential
Energy Reports in One Simple Tool
demand, runtime,
rank and exception
reports. Normalize
by area, degree days
and user defined
The KPI App – Presentation of Key
Performance Metrics
You can define
virtually any
KPI you want
to display
The Site App – Easy Navigation of
all of Your Data
The Site App
without any
programming –
It interprets
tags to
create a
navigation tree
Explore any
points across
any time range
The History App – Ad Hoc Analysis
– Chart any Type of Data
Choose data
items to be
charted and
time period
The Report App – Save any View or Query as
a Standard Report for Single Click Operation
The Folio App – Directly Query the
Database, Add Tags, Explore Relationships
Folio - Function Editor – Write Rules to
Analyze Data and Generate Sparks
SkySpark includes a comprehensive
library of analytic functions to build
rules from as well as a set of standard
rules to find virtually any type of fault
or operational condition
The Spark App – Review,
Sort and Export Spark Data, Set up Sparks
The Weather App – Look
Specifically at Weather Data
Look at current
forecast, history,
and degree days
SkySpark Value Proposition
Identify the data that matters to you
Turn your operational data into actionable issues
easily and efficiently
Rules and sparks allow you to completely rethink
how you create value from operational data
Transform domain knowledge into analytic rules
that automatically “watch” your facilities
Improve operation and energy efficiency by
identifying faults, and issues worthy of attention
End use application for facility/energy managers
Backend database and analytics engine for third
party HMI offerings
In house tool for consultants involved in
commissioning/energy analysis
And, SkySpark is sold as licensed software – install it
on a local PC or server, or host it in your own cloud.
SkyFoundry never has your data – you’re in control
SkyFoundry Business Model
Enterprise software model
A partner - focused software company
We focus on creating software tools that enable domain
experts to leverage knowledge and help customers improve
facility operations
Resellers provide implementation services to end customers
Implementation services provided by VARs include:
Data integration, importing and “tagging”
Developing analytic rules
Building custom visualizations
Channel training/on-going support services
Developing or integrating with complimentary applications
A Bit About SkyFoundry
Privately held software company
Founded January 2009
SkySpark Product introduction Oct 2010
>1000 buildings and 91M sq ft under continuous analytics
since Oct 2010
Founded by Brian Frank (co-founder of Tridium and Chief
Architect of the Niagara Framework)
Co-founder, John Petze (CEO Tridium, VP Product Development
Andover Controls, CEO Teletrol, Global Director Smart Buildings Cisco)
Find what matters™

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