High_Middle School Orientation_2013-2014 new

Dear Parents and Students,
We would officially like to welcome all new Eaglets to our family. We have been
working hard all summer to improve our facilities, curriculum and staff.
“Disce Quasi Semper Victurus”
“Study like you will live forever”
International Studies Charter Middle School
(ISCMS) has achieved a remarkable goal by
ranking in the top 5 middle schools in
Miami-Dade county and 9th in the state of
• International Studies ranks as a gold medal winner. We
are #2 in Florida and #15 in the nation out of 22, 000
public high schools in 49 states and the District of
• International Studies ranks #65 in Florida and #290 in
the nation and only 1,930 of the top high schools in the
nation are ranked.
• International Studies ranks #32 in Florida and #447 in
the nation and only 1,000 of the top public high schools
in the nation are ranked.
Victoriano Rodríguez
Janette Cruz
Assistant Principal
Ms. Teresa Valdes: E-Mail [email protected]
Office Hours: Monday through Thursday from 8:30AM -2:30 PM
By APPOINTMENT ONLY, unless it is an emergency
Services Provided:
Course Credit Analysis
Assistance with Subject Selection
Probation Meetings 
Assistance with Schedule Changes
Advisement regarding course/credit recovery
Facilitator of Parent/Teacher Conferences
Facilitator of Student/Parent Conferences
Dr. Jon Page: E-Mail [email protected]
Cell: 305-904-2906
Office Hours: By Appointment Only
Services Provided:
Assistance with College Preparation
Assistance with College Selection
Assistance with College Financial Aid
Assistance with Scholarship Information
Assistance with Bright Futures
Assistance with Subject Selection
Assistance with Course Credit Analysis
Nationally Recognized Clubs
Class Clubs
Middle School Officers
Class of 2014(Seniors)
Class of 2015( Juniors)
Class of 2016(Sophomores)
Class of 2017(Freshmen)
Language Clubs
French Club
Italian Club
Spanish Club
Inter-Organizational Council
Student Government Association
Key Club
Mu Alpha Theta
National Honor Society
National Junior Honor Society
Interest Clubs
Audio/Video Club
Art Club
Bible Club
Drama Club
Eagle Athletics Club
Film Club
Musical Theater Club
Yearbook Club
Parent Volunteer Hours, Student Community Service
Alfred Mitat
305-643-2955 Ext 207
[email protected]
Athletic Website: www.c2cschools.com/ISCHSEAGLES
How to join a team @ ISCHS
HS Sports
Attend sports meeting on August 21,2013. Students must have all eligibility
requirements to participate.
Middle / High School will be available on the Athletics website.
Basic Eligibility requirements: (HS has further
Submit school Insurance $20
Submit MDCPS Physical Packet
Maintain GPA 2.5 unweighted
Submit ISCHS Athletics- Parent & Student Contract
FHSAA Site - www.fhsaa.org
- Girls Volleyball
- Boys Flag Football
- Girls & Boys Soccer
- Girls & Boys Basketball
- Boys Tennis
- Girls Flag Football
- Boys Volleyball
Main Office
Lourdes Vasquez
Liaran Aleman
Attendance Clerk
Leonela Roheidy
Administrative Assistant
Main Office
Maria de Armas
Cafeteria Manager
Maria Rodríguez
School Treasurer
Jesus de Armas
Jose Alvarez
Christopher Troy Vilim
 Students MUST be dropped off
and picked up on the
intersection of 9th Street and
25th Avenue
 This may be accessed from
either 27th Avenue or 24th
 Security will be located at this
location to ensure safety and
facilitate timeliness
ISCHS does not provide transportation; however, we have flyers of
available bus companies (located in the main office).
You may also check MDCPS’ website for an approved bus
Parent visit restrictions:
• Parents are not allowed to drop off food or supplies in the
main office
• Parents are not allowed to accompany students to class or
walk the hallways
• Every parent volunteer must be cleared through MDCPS
background clearance in order to volunteer
• In order to maintain a safe learning
environment, our school employs several
security guards and maintains locked facilities
• Please see the main office if you have any
allergies or medical concerns
• All medications must be administered to students
by office personnel
Block 1:
Block 2:
High School Schedule
8:35 – 10:20
Middle School Schedule
8:35 – 10:20
10:25 – 12:40
10:25 – 12:40
Period 2/3
Block 3:
Period 4/5
***Lunch (1st, 2nd or 3rd) is determined
***Lunch (1st, 2nd or 3rd) is determined
by the student’s 4th or 5th period class.
by the student’s 4th or 5th period class.
Block 4 :
12:45 – 2:30
12:45 – 2:30
Period 6/7
Block 5:
2:35 – 3:30
All students should check student portal on Miami Dade county public schools website for
their class schedule.
Students will be directed on the first day of school
•Must be served within 48 hours
•Parents must sign detention slip
•Detentions will be served in room 101:
Middle School
High School
8:00am- 8:30am
2:35pm- 3:05pm
•Electronic devices will not be given back to students
under any circumstance.
•To reclaim a device, the student’s parents must
come to the main office to pick it up
•If a student needs to use the phone, they may use
the phone in the main office.
•Parents are not to contact students during school
time on their cell phones
•Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
•Social networking of any kind is not permitted during school
•Students are not to use social networking to send obscene or
inappropriate materials
•Ex. Threats, hacking, damaging equipment, nude or semi nude
photos(please refer to the student code of conduct)
•Parents are responsible for monitoring and regulating student’s
use of electronic devices
Website- via email
Phone call to teacher
• Please allow 48 hours for a response.
High School Uniforms:
Navy Blue Polo with School Logo
Striped Rugby Navy Blue and White
(All shirts must be tucked in)
Khaki Dickie Pants with School Logo
Navy Sweater with School Logo
Black or Brown Belt
Black or Brown shoes
Spirit Shirts may be
worn on FRIDAYS
ONLY!!! This does
NOT include PE
Shirts/Field day.
Uniforms may be purchased
from All Uniform Wear:
200 NW 27th Avenue
(305) 649-2749
 A catered meal will be available each day for students to purchase.
 Parents may pre-pay (cash or check) the meals however they like (daily,
weekly, monthly, annually).
 Our cafeteria manager, Maria de Armas, will be available from 7:00 AM –
10:00 AM.
 Students may also bring their own food or make purchases from the
vending machines.
Our menus will be available on our website a month in advance.
Full price
Parents/Guardians are required to volunteer at least thirty 30
hours per school year (3 hours per month) at International
Studies Charter Schools.
All hours must be completed prior to the end of May
GRADES 6-11: Failure to complete the 30 hours will result in
your child being placed on the waiting list for the following
school year and not automatically re-registered
For more information about volunteer opportunities, please
see the school’s website or contact the PTSA
•Students are not permitted to be on campus
30 minutes prior to the opening of school or
30 minutes after dismissal unless
participating in an extracurricular activity or
the after school care program.
•In order for students to remain on campus after
school, they need to be enrolled in an after school
activity or sport or be enrolled in the after school
care program.
•First hour dedicated to home learning
•Tutoring available
•Light Snacks provided
Academic activities
Foosball, Nintendo Wii, and Ping
Outdoor Sports
Before Care
7:00 a.m.- 8:30 a.m.
After Care
High School: 2:30 p.m.-6:00 p.m.
Middle School: 3:30 p.m.-6.00 p.m.
International Studies Charter School supports the mission of our local Parent Teacher
Association of being a powerful voice for all children, a resource for families and
communities, and an advocacy agency for education and well-being of every child.
President - Rosa Valdes
Vice President (Middle School) - Suzanne Santiago
Vice President (High School) - Robert Medell
Treasurer - Dulce Del Pozo
Recording Secretary - Janet Ferra
Corresponding Secretary - Karen Loucel
807 SW 25th Ave
Miami, FL 33135
Phone 305-643-2955
Fax 305-643-2956
Website: www.ischs.net

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