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Suspension Bridges
• A suspension bridge is a type of bridge
which is built by suspending the roadway
from cables attached to a master cable
which runs above the length of the bridge.
They are strong and lightweight
The Golden Gate Bridge was the longest
suspension bridge span in the world when it
was completed in 1937
The Tower Bridge was opened on
June 30, 1894 by The Prince of Wales
The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the oldest
suspension bridges in the United States built
in 1883
Arch Bridges
• An arch bridge is a type of bridge that relies
on a curved, semi-circular structure for its
The Ponte Vecchio (literally “old bridge”) is a
Medieval bridge over the Arno River in
Florence; the only Florentine bridge to survive
Sydney Harbor Bridge is the world’s largest (but not
the longest) steel arch bridge with the top of the
bridge standing 134 meters above Sydney Harbor
NY architecture firm Fxfowle is designing
what will be the largest and tallest arch bridge
in the world, at one mile long and 670 feet tall
with a price tag of$817 million dollars.
Cable Stayed Bridges
• A cable-stayed bridge has one or more
towers (or pylons), from which cables
support the bridge deck
The Millau Viaduct (“le Viaduc de Millau”, in
French) spans the River Tarn valley near the
medieval town of Millau in southern France
Nanpu Bridge was made to minimize the
amount of land used by the bridge approach
The Alamillo Bridge provides a vital transport
link across the Guadalquivir River from the
Spanish city of Seville to La Cartuja Island
Truss Bridges
• The basic truss design consists of three
basic components: the piers, the chords and
the diagonal "webs" that give the truss its
distinctive, triangular-webbed appearance.
More elaborate truss bridges may also sport
struts, sway bracing and wind bracing
The design of the Bollman Truss Bridgepatented in 1852 and one of the first to use
iron exclusively in all essential structural
elements-was critical in the rapid expansion
of American railroads in the 19th century
The Bridge on the River Kwai is a 1957
British-American World War II film. The film
is based in Japan but the bridge is actually in
Beam Bridges
• A beam bridge, sometimes called a girder
bridge, is a rigid structure that consists of
one horizontal beam supported at each end,
usually by some kind of pillar or pier.
The Manchac swamp bridge in Louisiana is
the 2nd longest in the United States, which
carries Interstate 55 across the swamps
The Tianjin Grand bridge is one of the
youngest and also the second longest of all
bridges and is a sea link
Tilt Bridge
• A tilt bridge is a type of moveable bridge
which rotates about fixed endpoints rather
than lifting or bending, as with a drawbridge
The Gateshead Millennium Bridge is the
world's first and currently only tilting bridge
Tacoma Narrows Bridge Collapse
"Gallopin' Gertie"

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