Helping You Succeed: Applying for the Presidential Award

Helping You Succeed:
Applying for the Presidential Award
Presented by the Presidential Alumni group SEPA
Agenda for this Session
• Brief Introductions
• Getting Started on Your Application
• Resume Tips
• Dimensions Overview
• Your Questions
Your Presenters:
• Ruth Ruud
Treasurer, SEPA
Science Awardee
Former School Administrator
PAEMST National Selection Veteran
[email protected]
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• Martha Short
SEPA Math Representative
Missouri State Mentor
PAEMST National Selection Veteran
Mathematics Awardee
[email protected]
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Your Deadline is May 1, 2013
• Get started now!
• Allow plenty of time for
multiple videos.
• Allow time for written
components to have
proof readers.
• Expect the
Getting Started
• Start a draft ASAP so you’ll have something to edit
and review.
• Follow these directions from the PAEMST
“The electronic files containing the narrative must be formatted
as follows:
8.5 by 11-inch page dimensions
12-point font
At least 1-inch margins all around”
What should your resume include?
• From the application instructions…
• “A résumé is required that outlines the applicant’s
education, employment history, and participation
in professional development activities. The
document may not exceed 2 pages.”
• Your resume for PAEMST does NOT need an
• Do not use space at the top for address or
contact information as on a resume for a job
application. Your contact information is elsewhere
in the application.
• Dimension One: Mastery of mathematics or
science content appropriate for the grade level
The narrative for Dimension One should be about three pages.
• Dimension Two: Use of instructional methods and
strategies that are appropriate for the students in
the class and that support student learning.
The narrative for Dimension Two should be about three pages.
• Dimension Three: Effective use of student
assessments to evaluate, monitor, and improve
student learning. The narrative for Dimension Three
should be about three pages.
Dimension Four: Reflective practice and lifelong learning to improve teaching and
student learning. The narrative for Dimension Four should be about
Dimension Five: Leadership in education
outside the classroom. The narrative for Dimension Five should
be about one page.
Next Steps-
Get started on your video and on your
writing if possible before the end of this
Have drafts of at least some of your
application documents available at
later sessions next month.
Helpful Timeline
• Feb- March or as soon as you are nominated
• Resume/vita completed – 2 pages max
• Request for 3 letters of recommendation – best to
ask for more so you can select. You may want to
provide highlights for the letter with your request
• Select topic/concept for lesson/video
• Practice video-taping your class so they are
relaxed with the camera in the classroom
• Collect supplemental materials ( see
supplemental materials in the PAEMST application)
March Timeline
• Write rough drafts for 5 dimensions- you can
complete some of these dimensions
• Video tape the lesson and review the video. You
may need to do this more than once. Remember
your video must not have any “stops”
• You may video tape more than one class so you
can select the video to use
• Check on status of recommendation letters.
April Timeline
• Complete the writing of the dimensions
• Have the final video ready
• Have one or two people read your application.
• Put the entire application together.
• Review it by April 22nd
• Upload the video two weeks before the deadline
so there is not a problem at the last minute.
• Send the application by April 29th
• Good luck! Let us know if you reach the finals.
• What questions do you have now?
• If you have questions between webinars….
Martha [email protected]
Ruth [email protected]
Conni [email protected]
Peggy [email protected]
[email protected]

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