2015 SANP Information/Summary

Senior All Night Party
Co-Chairs – Colleen McDonald; Kimberly Rodriguez
Communications – Michelle Krings
Entertainment – Natasa Zaremba
Senior Theme Reveal – Dina Pearson; Darline Roberts
Casino – Scott and Sue Baldwin
Food – Cheryl Moore; Suzanne Greer
Security – John/Susan Gessert; Eric and Lori Strom
Mementos/Prizes – Carol Grimmer
Finances – Phil Varatos
Decorations – Shannon Croteau
Storage – Janice Bryans; Kim Koilpillai
Why get involved?
This is your student’s LAST event - Help make
it memorable!
We need your ideas, talents and time
SANP cannot run itself; we are all busy!
If everyone helps no one person should be
Michelle Krings
Newspaper promotion
Mustang Horses
T Shirts
Thank you notes
Words of Wisdom
Website Development
Phone Call Follow Up
Natasa Zaremba
Needs approximately 50 volunteers
Coordinates with Decorations for placement
Book entertainment to keep kids busy all night:
Photo Booth
Henna Artist
Toilet Racers
Tattoo Artist
Caricature Artist
Boxer Bingo
Slot Cars
Cotton Candy
Palm Reader
Hot Dog Vendor
This is the major expense of the party. Need helpers to supervise some
areas. Priority given to parents who work prior to the party.
Scott and Sue Baldwin
Needs 5-10 decorations; 5 for prize solicitations
60 volunteers for the night of event
Volunteers responsible for creating decorations
Floor plan and design planning have begun
Time required weekly/every other week
Volunteers responsible for dealing
Black Jack; Over/Under; Beat the Dealer; Roulette or
Texas Hold’em
Prizes can also be won in raffle for those not wishing to
There will be two shifts: approximately 8:45 PM -11:45 PM
and 11:45 PM -3:00 AM
Volunteers who help decorate the casino or work prior to the
party will be given priority to work at the party.
Cheryl Moore; Suzanne Greer
4 Station leads; 40+ volunteers for night of event
Committee Station Needs:
• Italian Station; Cordon Blue Patisserie Station;
Cupcake and Cookie decorating Station; Food Drop
Off station
Committee Station Lead Responsibilities:
• Station leaders responsible for subcommittee
coordinating food donations, station set up
recruiting volunteers during the event
There will be 2 work shifts:
• 8:45-12:15 AM
• 11:45-3:15 AM
John and Susan Gessert; Eric and Lori Strom
Needs approximately 60 volunteers
Arrange 2016 parents for “Community Walkthrough” 3:00-6:00 on May 31rst
Student Check-in at the party Adult Volunteer Check-in at the party
Only volunteers who sign up ahead of time to
work a specific area will be allowed in
Security provided throughout event inside, at
exits, and around perimeter of building
First Aid during event – Volunteer needed
Carol Grimmer
Provide small memento for each graduate
Arrange limited prizes only for Casino/Raffle
The Party is the Gift!
Shannon Croteau
Needs at least 70 volunteers
Several Decorations Subgroups Needed - Each one:
• Needs chairperson to lead their group in their plan
• Will have a designated area they will decorate from
outside entrance and down “Mainstreet” hallway
• Integrates activities in their area… has things to do
for the kids, not just things to see
Janice Bryans; Kim Koilpillai
• Arrange for future storage and building options
• Assist in providing access to existing storage units
• Assist with returning items to storage following
Claudia Ordonez
Need 5 more volunteers
• Volunteers responsible for taking pictures at one
location. (Hallway, Cafeteria etc.)
• Commitment:
5 hours
9:00 pm – 3:00 am
• Computers set up to download the pictures so they can
be available right away at the website; A slideshow will
be presented during the party.
• We will provide some guidelines for the pictures
including appropriate content, and technical
specifications; the locations will be assigned closer to
the event.
• Last Year’s website:www.sanp2014.smugmug.com
[email protected]
for more info
Website: Nhssanp.com
• Home Depot Gift Cards
• Old working Christmas
• Construction discards/paint
• Personal business
donations e.g. food; décor;
• Prize donations e.g. $25 gift
cards/items from your
• Sign up for Senior Class Listserve on Northville Public
Schools’ website
• Check www.NHSSANP.com often
• Questions: [email protected]
• Turn in ticket orders/mustang
orders/waivers/meds/words of wisdom -- tonight, or
to NHS office, or by mail
Find your skill set/interest and sign up now!!
Decorations : [email protected]
Food : [email protected]
Security: [email protected]
Casino: [email protected]
Mementos/Prizes: [email protected]
Storage: [email protected]
Entertainment: [email protected]
Communications: [email protected]
Photography: [email protected]
General: [email protected]
Let’s make this one great party!

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