Presented by Sandy Papadopoulos
Supreme Governor Region 1
Atlanta, GA
Why Athletics?
• Athletics can be a very useful way to gain
• We provide scholarships for our youth
• Maximize youth involvement
• There is something that everyone can participate
Ahepa golf
(Golf Director: Chris Atsaves, Chicago)
• The most well attended sport of AHEPA Athletics!
• 2 major National Tournaments including the Dr.
Monthe Kofos Memorial Tournament (this year to
be held at Innisbrook in Tarpon Springs, FL
• Regional tournaments hosted throughout the
year in all parts of the country
• We encourage everyone to inform us if they
would like to host a Regional Golf Tournament
National Golf Tournament
Talega Country Club
San Clemente, CA
AHEPA Basketball
(Basketball Director: Costa Papademetriou, NY)
• A long standing tradition throughout the
Order of AHEPA
• Maximum participation from Sons of Pericles
• Most every district has a basketball
tournament at some point of the year
• Re-established the National AHEPA Invitational
Basketball Tournament at this year’s Supreme
Convention in Miami
Regional Basketball Tournament
hosted in New York
(Bowling Director: George Karras, Indiana Softball Director: Alec Alexander,
• 2 sports that are on the rise again!
• Bowling tournament hosted in Hammond, IN was
very well attended and we even had a brother
with a perfect 300 game! (Chris Atsaves)
• Softball once a widely supported sport, is now
back on the rise after a small decline in
• We had 4 teams at this year’s Supreme
Convention National Softball Tournament
National Softball and Bowling
AHEPA Soccer
(Soccer Director: Steve Mavronis, Maryland)
• Slowly but surely developing this program and
are gaining interest especially from the youth
• We are making big strides in developing a
curriculum for how to start and maintain an
AHEPA Soccer Program in your respective
• Should be finished and developed by the
Supreme Convention in Las Vegas
AHEPA Athletic Hall of Fame
(Hall of Fame Director: Greg Stamos, CT)
• We have amazing exposure through the
establishment of the AHEPA Athletic Hall of
• Honorees range from former players in most
major professional sports as well as local
sports legends
• Athletic Hall of Fame luncheon is ALWAYS
well attended by everyone at the
Supreme Convention
2009 AHEPA Athletic
Hall of Fame Luncheon
San Francisco, CA
AHEPA Scholarships
(Scholarship Director: John Tanionos, MA)
• The most important aspect of AHEPA Athletics
• Provide scholarships that are presented at the
Hall of Fame Luncheon at the Supreme
• Incredibly gifted recipients that we hope will be
potential members of respective AHEPA family
• We encourage all members of AHEPA to promote
the fact that Athletics gives out these
Scholarship Recipients
how does our district get started?
• Contact your regional director to see if your district or
chapter can host an event
• If your first couple of events do not do as well, don’t be
discouraged! People will come and participate eventually,
• Make sure everyone is informed of our National events for
every sport
• Make sure everyone in your area, especially high school
and college students and their parents, are informed about
scholarship opportunities
• Come and join us at a golf outing! You don’t have to
participate to see what we’re all about. We encourage and
welcome your participation!
For more information….
Supereme Athletic Director: Spiro Siaggas
– [email protected]
Special Events & Sport Development: Sandy Papadopoulos
– [email protected]
Booster Club Director: Likie Beleos
– [email protected]
Hall of Fame Director: Greg Stamos
– [email protected]
Basketball: Costa Papademetriou
– [email protected]
Bowling: George Karras
– [email protected]
Golf: Chris Atsaves
– [email protected]
Scholarships and Awards: John Tanionos
– [email protected]
Soccer: Steve Mavronis
– [email protected]
Softball: Alec Alexander
– [email protected]
Tennis: Arthur Anastasiou
– [email protected]
Regional Directors
Mid-Atlantic: Likie Beleos (Camden, SC)
[email protected]
Northwestern: Terry Karis (Seattle, WA)
[email protected]
North Atlantic: John Levas (Plainview, NY)
[email protected]
Mid-Eastern: Charles Mardis (Fairlawn, OH)
[email protected]
Mid-Western: Chris Marinos (Kildeer, IL)
[email protected]
Southeast: Gus Pantelides (Clearwater, FL)
[email protected]
Western: Pete Marudas (Phoenix, AZ)
[email protected]
Mountain West: Jim Peros (Denver, CO)
[email protected]
International: Denny Rigas (Capo Beach, CA)
[email protected]
Southwest: Michael Spartalis (Houston, TX)
[email protected]
Canada: Andy Tzemis (Toronto, CA)
[email protected]

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