Education Excellence for All The EEA multi-academy trust

The EE4A multi-academy trust
Daventry Special Academy
Consultation Meeting ICON Centre Daventry
Wednesday 23rd April 2013
Outcomes for this evening
By the end of the evening:
We will all know more about the proposal to open a Special School in
We – the proposers – will have heard your views
What will happen next?
We will take your views into account when finalising our application to the
Department for Education
The application deadline is Friday, May 9th 2014
The DfE will decide by September 2014
Timings for this evening
6.10 Welcomes and Introductions
6.15 Overview of Education Excellence for All Multi-Academy Trust
6.20 Daventry Special Academy – our vision and our plan to make it happen
6.30 The support we have for the application so far
6.40 The Free School application process
6.50 Survey form
7.00 Your questions, comments, ideas
7.25 Final comments
7.30 Close
Education Excellence for All
Education Excellence for All
We are a not-for-profit Academy Trust
Founded in 2013 by local people and Place Group – whom we knew well
This is our first application to open a school – but will be Place Group’s 30th
We have no other schools in the Trust that we have to spend time on – yet!
The Trust comprises
Place Group Ltd – a well-established education sector business specialising in
supporting schools, from opening free schools to running the Schools’ Buying
Club, school procurement service provider of the year, 2012 and 2013.
Serving Headteachers
School Improvement professionals – former Headteachers and
Northamptonshire County Council Advisers
EE4A – Education Excellence for All
Trustees – have a similar role to school governors
Tim Bartlett – Chair of Trustees – from CYPS Consulting Ltd
David Bray - from Learning Effectively Ltd
Rebecca Baker – Headteacher, Larkrise Academy, Luton (Primary)
Nigel Croft – Headteacher, Redborne Upper School, Ampthill (Secondary)
Peter Burrell – from P2 Education Ltd
Simon Rule – Chief Executive, Place Group Ltd
Roger Tweed – Daventry Schools Adviser
Vacancy for Trustee – Local Primary School Headteacher
Proposed additional Trustees – Head of an outstanding Special School and
a Chair of Governors
Education Excellence for All
How does a Multi-Academy Trust work?
Our Multi-Academy Trust was established to open and also to take on and
run schools of all types – primary, secondary, special
Our time to run the Trust comes from employer release, some of which is
refunded to our employers at cost
Trustee Meetings are not claimable
Out-of-pocket travel expenses are paid at local authority rates
We are not Special School Specialists – but we are all very experienced at
appointing the specialists which every school needs, and of successfully
leading schools and other education sector organisations
If our application is approved, the first thing we will do will be to appoint the
right person to lead the opening of this school
Daventry Special Academy
The County Council reviewed the provision of places for pupils with Special
Educational Needs in October 2013
Daventry Special Academy will meet some of the need for extra places for
pupils with learning difficulties:
Autistic Spectrum Disorders
Severe Learning Difficulties
Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties
DSA will only admit pupils with Education, Health and Care Plans (the
replacement for Statements of Educational Need); and
aged from 4 to 18
We have selected sites close to the town centre
The school is scheduled to open in 2016 and have 175 places when full in
Daventry Special Academy
We will
provide an outstanding quality of education from the start
make sure we learn from the existing Special Schools
create strong partnerships with parents, local schools, Northampton
College and University, local health service providers, and all other
providers of services to children and families
make the most of being a school in the centre of the communities it
work hard to ensure that the new school building is the envy of
everyone because it works so well for the pupils, staff, parents and
Daventry Special Academy
Reduce travelling time for local pupils
A local school for local children and young people, integrated into their town
and all it provides – hence our preference for a town centre site
Reduce travel costs
Any new school unsettles what currently exists: what pupils and parents
expect, and existing successful learning and other relationships
Pupil numbers matching forecasts (eg what if housing is late being built?)
We are likely to attract staff already in local schools creating vacancies there
Nationally, money is in short supply – what if there is not quite enough to
build a world-class school?
Schedule to opening
Application development – started autumn 2013
Written submission by 9th May 2014
Interview likely to be Aug-Sept
Pre-opening – likely to start October 2014
Select site by Dec 2014
Consultation early 2015
Planning / construction programme starts spring 2015
Curriculum development starts summer 2015
Admissions programme starts autumn 2015
Funding Agreement by Feb 2016
Staff recruitment starts spring 2016
Site handover July 2016
School opening – September 2016
Schedule to opening
Send completed forms to:
C/O Place Group
7-9 Interchange House
Howard Way
Newport Pagnell
Bucks MK16 9PY
Website survey:

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