On Snow - Canadian Ski Patrol Calgary Zone

On Snow
• Performance Outcomes
• On Snow Checklist is a summary of the
skills, attitudes and knowledge that needs
to be demonstrated
• Due to local conditions or requirements, a
zone, patrol or ski area may specify a
higher minimum standard
Ski/Ride Demonstration
Incident Site Management
Toboggan Skills
On Snow Final Demonstration
Types of Toboggans - Alpine
• Two person toboggans
Types of Toboggans - Alpine
• One person toboggans
Types of Toboggans - Alpine
• Other toboggans - most common toboggan in
the “other” category is the European Akja. The
North American Gull and Crystal toboggans are
similar in design and handling techniques
Nordic Toboggans
• Nordic (Olympic) Toboggan
• Many types of commercially made sleds
designed to be towed by a skier or by a
• Nordic – improvised toboggans
– Crazy Carpet
– Aluminium Bars
– Others
Toboggans Packs
• Each toboggan should contain at least
Four cardboard splints
sun valley splints (if available)
One toboggan pad or sleeping bag
two blankets
• It may also contain
– padding and bandages for tying splints
– backboard and semi-rigid collars
• All blankets,splints, and other equipment should
be kept clean and dry
Packed Toboggan
Placement on the Hill or Trail
• To provide coverage for the largest area possible
• Large alpine areas
– junctions of major runs or at top of runs
– in areas accessible from long, flat traverses, in order to
reduce the distance they must be taken
• Nordic centres
– trail head or major junctions
– cabins along the trails.
– away from the traffic flow
• Permanent caches or protect the pack from the
Taking the Toboggan
• Ensure contents and equipment are packed and
• Ensure that the running surface of the toboggan
is clean and clear of ice or dirt and that the
runners and chain are securely attached
• Ensure that the handlebars are securely
attached and in working order
• For one-person toboggans, ensure the chain is
securely attached and in good working order
First Aid Kit
8 triangular bandages
1 tongue depressor
1 roll of 1 cm adhesive tape
6 adhesive bandages
1 pair of scissors (not pointed) or penknife
1 pencil (not a ball-point pen)
6 8 cm x 8 cm dry sterile dressings
6 safety pins
Non sterile exam gloves
Barrier Device
Non-metallic whistle
Trauma Packs
• Some areas store their more advanced and
supplemental first aid supplies
• Stored in huts closer to the terrain
• May include equipment for:
Oxygen therapy
Airway management
Spinal Immobilization
Bandaging and splinting
• AED may be stored in the same location as the
trauma pack to make access more expeditious
Trauma Packs
Nordic Equipment
• The contents of the Nordic patroller’s first
aid kit may vary significantly depending on
the type of patrolling being done
• Examples
– Personal care, incident site survey tape,
camera, extra clothing, rope, candle and
matches, insulated pad, plastic sheet, rescue
blanket (non disposable), headlamp and
batteries, pot with lid and handle, portable
stove, sleeping bag, bivy sack
• Must be a positive
attachment between the
toboggan and the
• It is important that the
snowmobile operator
know the trail system
• be aware of and obey
provincial laws on
licensing of snowmobile
operators and on the use
of helmets

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