Support All Staff Involvement (SASI)

Division of Student Development and
Enrollment Services
University of Central Florida
What are the challenges?
What is SASI?
Why are USPS staff members so important?
What are the benefits?
How does SASI affect morale?
What are the
But here’s what we can do to
build morale and focus on
employee engagement…..
SASI - Support All Staff Involvement
Comprised of USPS staff members
Dedicated SDES USPS staff members devoting their time to
helping other USPS staff reach their potential
◦ Provide development and enrichment opportunities for SDES
staff members to achieve excellence.
◦ Provide tools for training, networking, and professional and
personal development to enhance growth and overall
◦ Enhance Communication
◦ Increase participation at workshops
◦ Foster healthy life style choices
◦ Encourage collaborative relationships
◦ Embrace the UCF Creed
◦ Promote diversity and inclusiveness
“No table on earth stands without legs.”
Jimmy Moore
former UCF employee
Every USPS employee provides support to their
division or college.
Employee Benefits
Professional growth
Personal growth
Values the Creed
Interpersonal relationships –
• Inclusion within SDES
• Promote a healthy attitude
• Re-energize – bringing
value to the division
Departmental Benefits
• Meeting the needs of
• More qualified employees
• Values the Creed
• Interpersonal relationship –
• Inclusion with SDES
• Promote a healthy attitude
“USPS staff members in SDES are the foundation, the
spirit, and the support that holds our division together
and allows us to make student success and learning a
We would not be able to make a difference in students’
experience at UCF without your dedication and
commitment. USPS staff members add value and are
valued in SDES.”
Maribeth Ehasz
Vice President, SDES
Cares about USPS staff members
Focuses on professional and personal growth
Networking, engagement, communication
Assists in achieving highest potential
Encourages employees
Receives training credit
Welcome new USPS employees to division
A SASI website for USPS staff members is under
Information sharing
Goal Setting
True Colors
UCF Writing Styles
Annual Wellness Expo
Dealing with Difficult
Financial Seminar
Email Etiquette
Reflect, Refresh, Refine
Making your employees feel
they are
Can you think of some ways that YOU
can make your employees feel valued?
A special thanks to the SASI members who dedicated
their time to assist with this presentation:
Heather Anderson
Elizabeth Barrios
Patrice Fairweather
Karen Nguyen
Jeffrey Stuckey

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