New Athletic Director Workshop - Florida High School Athletic

New Athletic Director Workshop
FHSAA Compliance Seminar 2014
Ronald Reagan Senior High School
Athletic Director Job Responsibilities
• Possesses a thorough knowledge of all School Board
policies and athletic regulations approved by
District/School and is responsible for their
• Administers all school district interscholastic policies and
procedures as well as the By-laws and Policies of the
FHSAA, interpreting them for staff where applicable
• Attends all required meetings and FHSAA mandatory
district planning meetings
AD – Job Responsibilities
• Attends home athletic contests and/or arranges for
proper supervision and event management
• Coordinates attendance of administrative personnel at
all home athletic contests
• Presents recommendations for changes in athletic
policies and procedures to the school-site principal
• Develops all interscholastic contest schedules and
submits to FHSAA/C2C and Officials
• Issues and maintains a record of all contest contracts
AD – Job Responsibilities
• Acts as a tournament manager for all conference and
tournament playoff activities assigned to the school
• Cancels, postpones and reschedules contracted
contests, officials, and transportation due to inclement
weather or other hazardous conditions
• Ensures that a permanent file of medical examinations,
insurance forms, records, parental consent forms,
insurance payments, and emergency contact information
is maintained for seven (7) years
• Provides rosters of eligible/qualified student-athletes to
head coaches
AD – Job Responsibilities
• Determines eligibility for all FHSAA Non-traditional Students
• Determines scholastic eligibility of all candidates for athletic
teams and certifies their eligibility in accordance with FHSAA
• Works with the athletic business manager and head coaches
to develop the annual athletic budget
• Assumes responsibility for game management at all home
interscholastic contests on and off campus
• Monitors the athletic program to ensure compliance with Title
IX and the Florida Equity Act
• Prepares appeals to the FHSAA Section Appeals Committee
• Seeks ways to support and finance the athletic program
Rules and Regulations (Where to find answers)
• FHSAA Website
▫ By-laws of the FHSAA
▫ FHSAA Eligibility and Compliance Webpage
 Webinars - previous and new
 Mentorship from the FIAAA
▫ FHSAA Officials Guidebook
• School Board Rules
• School Polices
• National Federation of High School Sports Rules Books
• Peer Athletic Directors
Sports/Game Schedules
What sports does my school offer?
Where are the schedules for 2014-2015?
Are my schedules in C2C?
Do I have a password for C2C
Does my officials association or other entity require
membership in a scheduling program?
• How do I get officials?
• How do I pay officials?
• Do I have to use “those” officials?
FHSAA Districts
• Is my school in a FHSAA District?
• If so, what District and how do I know?
▫ FHSAA Website: sports and then assignments
▫ Not all teams are in the same Classification or District
▫ Am I a District Leader?
• How do I find out information about my District
FHSAA Eligibility Requirements
• Set up a system for checking academic eligibility and
collecting forms
• EL02 – Physical Form
• EL03 – Consent and Release
• EL3CH – Consent and Release – Concussion
• EL06 – School Transfer
• EL07 – Home School
• EL10 – Request for Eligibility Ruling
• EL11 – Section Appeals
Eligibility Requirements
Age verification
Academic verification
Practice verification – Acclimatization
▫ Athlete Eligibility
▫ Team Rosters
▫ Sports Schedules
▫ State Entry List
▫ Other paperwork to be sent to the FHSAA
Athletic Personnel - Coaches
• Hiring of Coaches – School Board or School Policy
▫ Instructional/Teacher Coaches
▫ Non-Instructional Coaches
▫ Volunteer Coaches
• Certification of Coaches
▫ District Certification
▫ FL DOE Athletic Coaching Certification
• Jessica Lunsford Clearance
• What happens when a volunteer coach or non-certified
coach gets ejected?
Time Management
• FHSAA Deadlines
▫ Calendar – Paper vs Electronic
• Game and Officials Deadlines
• Meetings
▫ District Planning
▫ District Scheduling
• Email – Do you manage your email or does your email
manage you?
• Text - Is text your only form of communication?
Time Management - Continued
• Before You Leave Home Daily
▫ Check Weather Forecast
▫ Check Traffic
▫ Quick Glance at Email and Text
 Why? Ejections and other issues that could surprise your
▫ Wardrobe – Do you have clothing for all different types of
events and weather you could experience daily?
▫ Electronic Devices
 Phone and charger
 Tablet and charger
 Lap Top and charger
• Now you are ready to leave home and start your day!
Time Management - Continued
• Office Responsibilities
Email – What is your system of communication?
Possible voice mail
Update the daily schedule
FHSAA / C2C deadlines and submissions
Home Events
 Facilities
 Event Staff
 Weather
▫ Away Events
 Transportation
 Release, class coverage
 First aid and hydration equipment
Social Media
▫ Facebook, Twitter, Text, Chat, Instagram
Equity for All
• Not just Gender Equity
Coaching staff equity
Athletic Trainer availability equity
Equipment Equity
Uniform Equity
Fund-Raising Equity
Facility Equity
Practice Time Equity
Game Time Equity
Game coverage and attendance by athletic and
administrative staff equity
▫ Equity is more than numbers.
Traits of a Good AD
Reads email, Returns important emails
Answers phone
Owns issues
Knows the weather
Knows their school’s schedules
Has a “To Do” List - with nothing checked off
Asks questions
Is a good listener
New AD Workshop
• Good luck
• Have a successful year
• Remember, it takes 3 years to learn the AD job, you are
in year 1
• Call
• Ask
• Call another AD for second opinion
• Ask again

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