The All Together Lunch Period

The All Together Lunch
1. All students have lunch together in a
50 minute lunch period and are free to
move about supervised areas aside
from the cafeteria.
2. Students use the extra time for make
up work, remediation, and to attend
club meetings.
Flexibility – for students
O 1. The flexible nature of the All Together
Lunch period has enabled CHS to offer
student support programs such as SMART
Lunch and RTI2.
O 2. SMART Lunch identifies struggling
students and places them in a lab setting to
remediate missed learning before they fail
the class.
O 1. RTI2 is a state mandated program
designed to identify students who have large
gaps in their learning in multiple areas and
increases their class time in these deficient
areas in an effort to keep all students all
pace to graduate.
O 2. The use of 1 combined lunch time has
created additional time in classes to permit
CHS to implement the program seamlessly.
For Teachers
O 1. The “All Together Lunch” has given
teachers time to meet in Professional
Learning Communities to review student
achievement data and share strategies
designed to increase student success.
Established 2007-2008
O 1. The “All Together Lunch” has been a key
part of CHS for over 7 years.
O 2. Numerous other high schools have visited
CHS to observe the lunch period and have or
are in the process of implementing their own
version of the All Together Lunch period.
For Parents
O 1. Please encourage your student to make
positive use of the All Together Lunch period
for academic, socialization, and taking care
of necessary tasks such as paying fees,
pictures, and meeting with teachers.

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