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What is disability?
• A physical or mental condition that limits a person’s
movements, senses or activities
• Because of the way it affects social perceptions and
interactions, disability is also a social identity.
• Some disabilities are invisible to the eye.
• Examples (if identified by the person who has the
condition)may include: asthma, muscular dystrophy,
ADHD, hearing impairment, or autism, among many
Michigan Hero – Jim Abbott
• Former Major League
Baseball pitcher
• Played for the University
of Michigan
– Won the James E. Sullivan
Award as the top amateur
athlete in the United States
– Voted 1988’s Big Ten
Athlete of the Year
• Happened to be born
without a right hand
Disability in the Dorms
• Courtesy is the word. All Wolverines should
expect respect from one another
• Keep all doorways, elevators and accessibility
ramps open to students that may want or
need to use them
• Be open to new friends and social experiences
Being an Ally
• Get educated.
• Take active steps to be part of a supportive
Michigan community.
• Teach others about identity, accessibility and
• Get involved! If you see a problem on campus,
use university resources to solve it.
University Issue: Accessibility Ramps
Right now, many accessibility ramps in
front of university buildings are
blocked to those that need them
• Why? Bikes are locked to the handrails of the ramps.
• Who cares? This is a big safety and accessibility issue.
• What to do? Put your bike somewhere else! Let others
know that the ramps need to be accessible for those who
use handrails or wheelchairs.
Celebrating IDoPwD
• The International
Day of People with
Disability is
December 3rd
• Sanctioned by the
United Nations
• Celebrating
individuals’ spirit
and perseverance in
the face of big
Resources at the University
• Services for Students
with Disabilities
– Serves as liaison for University
administration for academics and
– Contact Info: G-664 of Haven Hall,
[email protected]
• CSG Disability Affairs
– Can serve as a place to voice concerns
on campus, and build community
– Contact Info: 9pm Tuesday in the CSG
Office (3rd floor of the Union),
[email protected]
Get Involved!
• A5: Abilities Alliance at
Ann Arbor
– A social group of differently-abled
students on campus that meets biweekly
– Contact Info: Find A5 on Facebook or
contact [email protected]
• Allies for Disability
– Monthly meetings on disability and an
intersecting topic
– Contact Info:
[email protected]

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