Standards Framework” as a minimum competency requirement

Standards Framework
Outline of Presentation
 The Standards Framework AGM Motion
 The Rationale for Adopting the Framework
 Paths to Recognition
 Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
 Benefits of the Standards Framework
 Questions?
The Standards Framework Motion
“That this Annual General Meeting
adopts the training “Standards
Framework” as a minimum
competency requirement (MCR) for
credit union officers.”
What is the Standards Document?
 Describes the elements of knowledge and skill required
by a credit union officer, to carry out their role in a
effective and efficient manner.
 It was developed by the movement and based on what
credit union officers actually do.
 The majority of serving officers will already meet the
standards required.
 The Standards Framework will be visible recognition for
what people already do.
 Meeting the requirements can lead to a 3rd level
The Standards Framework
Ins. Regulator MCR
Staff 2,500 Recognition
Core Products
Staff 1,500
Supervisors 1,500
Directors & Committees 7,500
Main Components of the Standards
Minimum Qualifications
 Recognition of relevant qualifications:
 Up to 50% exemptions for other qualifications –
UCC Diploma, QFA, Accounting Qualifications
 Further exemptions can be granted upon individual
• Those with 4 years experience
• Requires proof
• Once off exemption
• Will require ongoing CPD from 2010 onwards
Continuous Professional Development
• Maintaining and enhancing governance and
operational standards
• CPD hours annually to keep RCUP designation
• And also for those grandfathered
• CPD relevant to credit union
• The Standards Framework determines relevancy
How do I get my CPD hours?
Many ways to gain formal CPD:
• Current ILCU Training Workshops (4 hrs)
• External Training Attended (4 hrs)
• E-learning courses (2 hrs)
• Attendance at ILCU events; Chapter Officers/Roadshows (4 hrs)
• Attendance at other events; CUMA/ICCA/NSF (4 hrs)
• Presentations at Chapter (1-2 hrs)
• Credit Union In-house Training courses (2-4 hrs)
• CU Focus (1 hr per issue)
ILCU will have online system to help record and maintain your CPD
“I would strongly urge that all credit union volunteers and
staff undertake accredited training programmes such as
the Advanced Certificate in Credit Union Practice. I also
recognise that every person working in the financial
services sector has an individual responsibility to
undertake continuous professional development (CPD)
each year and would advocate that every credit union
put in place appropriate structures to facilitate this.”
Joe Meade, Former Financial Ombudsman
NSF Conference, 2009
“We are of the view that the time has now come for a
statutory governance framework to apply to credit
unions, which would include fit and proper competency
based requirements for boards and managers and we
intend to include this proposal in the terms of reference
for the strategic review”
James O’Brien, Deputy Registrar of Credit Unions
CUMA Conference 2010
Summary – The Standards Framework will:
 Protect our philosophy and ethos
 Recognise training undertaken
 Protect volunteerism in the movement
 Promote credit union movement as professional and
progressive organisation
 Give message to members – “Safe, Strong and Secure”
 Promote common standard across credit unions
Appendix 1
Questions from the Standards
Framework Roadshow
The Standards Framework does not give CPD hours for work
undertaken in the credit union, why is this?
Continuous professional development which is undertaken each year relates to
any formal activity which furthers a credit union officer’s knowledge,
understanding or competence in the operation or governance of a credit union.
While work carried out in your role in the credit union can further your
knowledge in a particular area, it is not a formal learning activity in itself. This
would be a commonly accepted standard in established CPD (Continuous
Professional Development) programmes.
Why is the League insisting on people with long experience in the credit union
movement prove that they can do their job?
The adoption of the Standards Framework provides for recognition of people
with significant service in the movement through the Grandfathering
exemption. In fact the Standards Framework recognises the fact that credit
union officers have an extensive and detailed knowledge of the movement and
its operation and through ACCUP a member can receive formal recognition of
this fact.
What does the term “Grandfathering” mean?
This is an option for any person working in a credit union who is competent
through experience. If a credit union volunteer or staff member can
demonstrate four years experience in their role from the last eight years then
they are eligible to be “Grandfathered” and will not be required to undertake a
minimum qualification.
Will a mandatory training regime be imposed upon us by the
Financial Regulator / Northern Ireland Registrar if the Standards
Framework is not passed?
The Registrar of Credit Unions (ROI) / Financial Regulator and the Registrar of
Credit Union in Northern Ireland have not yet given a direct commitment to
implement a mandatory training regime. However, there have been several
strong indications from the Financial Regulator and Registrars that such changes
will be coming in the future. The imposition of the MCR’s (Minimum
Competency Requirements) for credit unions selling insurance is a strong
indicator of the regulator’s intentions in this regard.
However, rather than having an external body impose a mandatory training
regime, the ILCU believes that it is very important for the credit union
movement to adopt its own Standards Framework.
Will the introduction of the Standards Framework not make
it more difficult to attract new volunteers?
Attracting suitable volunteers to work in credit unions has always been a challenge for
the credit union movement. It is recommended that credit unions pro-actively seek
new volunteers on an ongoing basis as a matter of priority. Through the standards
framework a credit union is offering potential volunteers a structured development
plan which can lead to a university certified qualification, which can be sold to
potential volunteers as a very real benefit.
Many community and voluntary organisations in Northern Ireland and the Republic of
Ireland insist on mandatory training for all volunteers. Most new volunteers would
expect to be given sufficient training in order for them to have the knowledge
required to carry out their role. According to Volunteering Ireland the number one
reason for people to volunteer is self-development. The Standards Framework
therefore complements any credit union who is actively seeking new volunteers by
providing a structured training plan so that they have the necessary tools to
competently carry out their role.

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