Dilations and Similarity in the Coordinate Plane

Dilation: a transformation that changes
the size of a figure but not it’s shape. The
pre image and the image are always
the same.
Scale Factor: Describes how much the
figure is enlarged or reduced.
Show the dilation with
scale factor of 2:
M (0,0)
E (2,4)
R (3,0)
Find the coordinates of S
and the scale factor.
Given: A(0,0) B (-1,1)
C(3,2) D(-2,2) E (6,4)
Prove: ∆ABC similar to
In order the prove that they are similar by
SSS similarity you find the distance
between all the sides in both the original
triangle and of the dilated triangle. Then
use the similarity ratios that were shown
in the previous example.
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