Helicopter Dynamic Components Project

Helicopter Dynamic Components
• Demonstration Sites:
– Cherry Point Naval Aviation Depot
– Corpus Christi Army Depot
• DoD project team (ESTCP Project Manager, JG-PP, NAVAIR,
Army AMCOM, DCMA) visited Sikorsky on 22 March 2001 and
Boeing Philadelphia on 15 May 2001 to get company buy-in to
project; plans are to involve Boeing Mesa and Bell Helicopter
• Sikorsky stated that it is now company policy to work towards
eliminating hard chromium from their helicopters
• Navy CH-46 program providing $800K to Boeing for rig testing of
HVOF-coated aft-vertical shaft and forward carrier shaft
• ESTCP Project Manager to issue short-term contracts to companies
to develop test requirements for insertion into a JTP
OEM Tasks Under Contracts
• Conduct analysis of types of dynamic components onto which
OEM applies hard chrome or thermal spray coatings, including
operating environments, mating surfaces, stresses in service
• Conduct visit to NADEP Cherry Point and/or Corpus Christi
Army Depot to perform analysis of types of dynamic components
being repaired at depots, including above parameters
• Identify materials tests that OEM believes would be required to
qualify HVOF coatings on various components onto which either
OEM or depot currently applies hard chrome
• Identify component tests required to qualify HVOF coatings
• Participate in meetings to develop Joint Test Protocol(s) and assist
in writing of JTP

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