4th Q 2012

Q 2012
Homonyms? 3/22
Homonyms generally include two categories of
word types: homophones and homographs.
• Homographs are words that are spelled the
same but have different meanings.
• Homophones are words that sound the same
when you pronounce them, but have different
Homonyms 3/23
Aid – to help or assist
Do you require aid?
Aide – assistant
The aide had much to do today for his
Homonyms 3/28
Aisle – walkway
The aisle was blocked.
I’ll – I will
I promise, I’ll listen to you.
Isle – island
Many people would like to live on a isle.
Homonyms 3/29
Allowed – permitted
Late work is not allowed.
Aloud – out loud
Please read aloud.
Homonyms 3/30
Arc – curve
You need to measure the arc.
Ark – Noah’s boat
Noah built an ark because God instructed
him to do so.
Homonyms 4/2
Bare – uncovered
If you walk in bare feet, you might get
Bear – grizzly animal
The bear charged us, so we tried to run
Homonyms 4/3
Beat - to pound
We hope we can beat the other team.
Beet – type of edible plant
I do not like to eat beets.
Homonyms 4/4
Boar – pig
We had to capture the wild boar.
Bore – not interesting bore or to drill
I hate to bore you.
We had to bore into the earth to find a
new well.
Homonyms 4/5
Borough – area or district
Manhattan is a borough in New York City.
Burrow – dig through
The rabbit dug a burrow.
Burro – small donkey
They had a burro at the carnival.
Homonyms 4/9
Bough – branch
We need to cut down those boughs before
the storm.
Bow – bend or curtsy
Please bow at the end of the performance.
Homonyms 4/10
Cereal – breakfast food
You shouldn’t eat sugary cereals for
Serial – sequential
The serial killer entered the home.
Homonyms 4/11
Chile – country in South America
I would love to visit Chile one day.
Chili – bean stew
I love Zippy’s chili.
Chilly – frosty
It’s chilly out there today.
Homonyms 4/12
Chord – musical tone
You hit the wrong chord while playing the
Cord - rope
Please tie the cord tightly.
Homonyms 4/13
Cite – quote
Please cite your sources.
Site – location
Where is the site for the dance?
Sight – view
You are in sight of me now.
Homonyms 4/16
Complement – enhance or go together
That spice complements the food.
Compliment – praise
You should always compliment the cook.
Homonyms 4/17
Council – committee
The council will decide your fate.
Counsel – guidance
I need to counsel her on where to go to
Homonyms 4/18
Creak – squeak
My shoes creak!
Creek – stream of water
Please be careful when you’re down by the
Homonyms 4/19
Amoral - not subject to or lacking moral
Logic or pure mathematics can be seen as
Immoral - violating conscience or public
Plagiarism and other kinds of cheating are
Homonyms 4/23
Decent - propriety or respectability.
She is a decent person.
Descent - plunge downwards or to ancestry.
I need to descent into the water.
Dissent – disagreement
Only one person was in dissent on the vote.
Homonyms 4/24
Fair – equal or beautiful to look at or exhibition
That’s a fair deal.
The fair maiden kissed the knight.
We can’t wait to go to the fair and go on all
the rides.
Fare – price
How much is the plane fare?
Homonyms 4/25
Gorilla – big ape
The movie gorilla really looks fake.
Guerrilla – warrior
The guerrilla warfare really took its toll on
the army.
Homonyms 4/26
Groan – moan
After the difficult practice, all I could do
was groan when my mom asked what I wanted
for dinner.
Grown – form of grow
I have grown 3 inches this year!
Homonyms 4/27
Hay – animal food
Please feed the horse some hay.
Hey – interjection to get attention
Hey! Watch what you’re doing!
Homonyms 4/30
Hoarse – croaky
My voice was very hoarse when I was sick.
Horse – riding animal
Please feed the horse some hay.
Homonyms 5/1
Holey – full of holes
My jacket is holey so I need to throw it out.
Holy – divine
The Holy Spirit can be in us all.
Wholly – entirely
I’m not wholly sure if we should do this.
Homonyms 5/2
Lessen – make smaller
You need to lessen your mistakes on your
Lesson – class
Class, please get out your notes for the
Homonyms 5/3
Marry – to wed
They plan to marry in June.
Merry – very happy
Santa is a merry fellow.
Homonyms 5/4
Overdo – do too much
You’re still sick so please don’t overdo it.
Overdue – past due date
Your book is overdue; please pay $5.
Homonyms 5/7
Pray – implore God
Please pray to God.
Prey – quarry
The cat stalked its prey in the back yard.
Homonyms 5/8
Principal – most important or the person in
charge of a school
The principal point is get here on time!
The principal gave the student an award.
Principle – belief
One principle to live by is be kind to others.
Homonyms 5/9
Eminent – distinguished
He was an eminent scholar.
Imminent - about to happen
The exam period is imminent.
Immanent – pervading or existing within
The room’s immanent tension made her
Homonyms 5/10
May be - verb phrase
You may be right.
Maybe – adjective and means perhaps
Maybe you are right.
Homonyms 5/11
Steal – swipe
Please don’t steal my food.
Steel – alloy
The steel blade was very sharp.

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