bruises chapter summary

Daniel Landgraf
Chapter 1
 In this chapter, we are introduced to some of the
characters in the book, namely:
Mr. Tallis
 The boys of 11B are heading on camp, and at the
end of the chapter, they have arrived at the
Chapter 2
 At the start of this chapter, we are introduced to 2
more characters:
 The camp owner, Reg Bleary
 The camp manager, Kevin Fitzgibbons, or Gibbo
 Falco also begins to talk about Val, his brother with a
physical disease
 The book starts to talk about Brad
 He plays guitar
 He is new to the school
 He is targeted by Ape
 The boys of 11B are being introduced to the camp
and their bunks are being chosen
Chapter 3
 In this chapter, we find who is sleeping in
what bunk, however we only find out about
one bunk, bunkhouse 5, which is the most
important in the book, as it contains most of
the main characters
 We discover that Ape is bullying Brad for
some unknown reason
 We learn that Ape likes to intimidate the
others in Bunkhouse 5, this is evident when
he compares the Bunkhouse to a jail cell
Chapter 4
 In this chapter, all of 11B are gathered together in
the hall, and the camp manager, Reg Bleary, is
finding out who will do the breakfast duty in the
morning via a ballot.
 Unfortunately for Falco, he picks out his own
bunkhouse for breakfast duty. This doesn’t go down
very well with Ape, even though he probably won’t
show up for it
 Mr. Tallis talks to Falco about his brother, Val, and
asks how things are going on at home
 As the chapter ends, the boys of 11B are about to set
out on their first activity, a night orienteering course
Chapter 5
 In this chapter, we discover that the boys of 11B are having
trouble with the orienteering task
 Their problem is that they are lost
 Ape is busy sending Cannucia out into the lake that the
boys are next to in an attempt at catching a dead stingray
 Meanwhile, Brad and Singh are attempting to find a way
to get back to the campsite
 All of a sudden, Cannucia disappears in the water,
everyone, after a while, fearing the worst
 Then, Cannucia appears further up the beach, and tells
everyone that he slipped on a rock and went under
 He managed to get himself back to the shore however
Chapter 6
 In this chapter, the boys have managed to get themselves back to
camp, and back to a relieved Gibbo, who is once happy that
everyone is back, starts to get angry at the group
Even thought the camp has been going for a short time, Ape
already has a grudge against Gibbo, and when Gibbo calls Ape a
goomba, that’s the icing on the cake, and Ape goes off at him
While this happens, everyone else goes silent, and Gibbo is
Gibbo punishes the boys by not giving them their supper, and
some of the other boys of 11B taunt them
It is revealed that Ape changed the compass’, so presumably he
changed a working one for the one that didn’t work and got them
Ape begins to taunt Falco for not “standing up for the rest of the
group” earlier in the chapter
Chapter 7
 Ape continues to taunt the bunkhouse, by
teasing Brad about his guitar, and Singh, about
his weight issues
 Falco and Brad both go to the toilet, however,
because Brad announced it after Falco, Ape
decided to tease Brad again, by suggesting that
he is gay
 Brad and Falco start to talk about their fathers
and what they are like, for example, Brad’s dad
liked to play manly games like football, however,
Falco’s dad didn’t have any time for games, he
was always worried about Falco’s brother
Chapter 8
Falco gets up and heads off to do the breakfast duty
He feels that this is a good break to get away from Ape, who doesn’t want to
do it, and tells Cannucia to cover for him with an excuse
Reg takes the excuse, however, he decides that Ape and Cannucia need
other duties to compensate for them missing out on the breakfast duty
The boys of 11B head off to their morning activity, the giant swing. Most of
the boys are excited, however, Singh is not looking forward to it
Luckily for Singh, it turns out that the giant swing won’t be run. However,
this is due to vandalism, and this doesn’t go down at all well with Gibbo
Ape tries to make himself look helpful and big by trying to suss out who
could have cut it town, but Gibbo yells at Ape, and Ape is taken aback
Ape then decides to make himself look big again by bullying others and
attempting to force out a confession

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