Emergency Preparedness BSA

Pack 95
2012 Program
• It is the intent of the pack leadership to
provide the parents and scouts of Pack 95 an
overview and discussion of the this year’s
outing and pack schedule for family vacations
and extracurricular school activity planning;
while still maintaining an effective scout
program that provides a fun learning
environment and that enables each cub scout
to progress in the scouting program.
Pack Meetings & Outings
• Pack Meetings
- Provide Direction & Purpose
- Enable Award Ceremonies
- Fun
- Coordination of Pack Outings
- Provide Educational Programs
Pack Meeting Schedule
• January
- Game Night
- 2012 Pack Plan
- Leave No Trace
• February
- Blue & Gold Banquet
- Cake Auction
- Pinewood Derby Car Issue
Pack Meeting Schedule
• March
- Pinewood Derby
- Science Center
• April
- Reptile Man
- Emergency Prep Brief
- Franklin Falls Brief
Pack Meeting Schedule
• May
- Boy Scout Camperee
- Emergency Kit Show & Tell
- Memorial Day Flag Planting Brief
• June
- Crossover
- Fire Mountain Brief
- Outing Box Show & Tell
Pack Meeting Schedule
• September
- New Scout Orientation
- Pack Hike at Tambark Park
- Police K9 Brief
- Space Derby Brief
Pack Meeting Schedule
• November
- Veterans Day Activities
- 911 Ceremony
- Bobcat Ceremony
• December
- No Pack Meeting
• Pack Outings are strongly encouraged by the
BSA as they provide a venue and vehicle for
scout achievement, social interaction and
team building activities.
• Pack Outings are also FUN!
• Pack Outings also provide fun activities that
parents can participate as well.
Outings for 2012
Lynnwood Pool
Globe Trotters at Comcast Arena
Snow Tubing at Snoqualmie Pass
Science Center Overnight with the Dinosaurs
Franklin Falls Hike
Memorial Day Flag Planting
Freedom Cerebration
Fire Mountain
Summer Day Camp & Resident Camp
Pinewood & Space Derby
Harlem Globe Trotters at Comcast
• Experience an evening packed with scientific challenges. Are
you up to the challenge?
Balloon Car Race Challenge.
Seasons Planetarium Challenge.
Ice Under Fire - Live Science Show.
Puzzle Palooza Featuring Groovik's Cube Exhibition
Minute to Win It Science Challenges throughout the
IMAX® films and laser light shows.
• Cost: $50 per person.
Times: 5:30 p.m. to 9:30 a.m.
Who: families, schools, youth groups.
Snow Tubing at Snoqualmie Pass
• Sunday, February 26th at 1pm
- ½ Off for scouts
- Family Event
- Winter Segment
Franklin Falls Hike
• April 28th
- Free
- Family Event
- Leave No Trace Service
Fire Mountain
• June 15th – 17th
- Free Pack Event
- Fishing & Hiking
- Outdoor Segments
Outings for 2013
• Camp Kasey
• Lake Wenatchee
• Dungeness Spit
• Ape Caves
• Mt Saint Helens Trail of Destruction
• Parental Input and Volunteers are ALWAYS
encouraged to bring fresh ideas, resources
and guidance in order to keep the program
fresh, focused and above all Fun!
• Feel free to contact any member of the pack
leadership regarding ideas and thoughts to
help improve the pack and its program.
• Volunteer!

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