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Secondments: Broadening
your career horizons
Fiona Cairns and Kirsty Wadsley
Who are we?
 Why are we here?
– Share experiences
– Top tips when organising/preparing for a secondment
 What is a secondment?
Definition of a Secondment
Secondment (plural secondments)
“A temporary transfer to another job or post within the same
Collins English Dictionary (2007)
Experience of
other areas
New skills
Develop in an
existing area
Develop in a
new area
Sharing experiences:
Starting a secondment
Practical preparation:
– HR
– Handover
– Timings
– Definition of the seconded role
Personal preparation:
– Contacting new colleagues
– Preparing for change
– Familiarisation with a new environment
Sharing experiences:
Starting a secondment
Settling in:
– Perceptions at start
– Adjustments
– new space
– new colleagues
– new job
The effect/impact of change
Change curve
Sharing experiences:
During a secondment
Changing perceptions
– New considerations
– Adjustments
Impact of changes in HE
– Length of secondment
– What will you be going back to?
Top Tips
Get the paperwork sorted
Ask lots of questions
Have an open mind
Be proactive
Make the most of opportunities
Keep an eye on the bigger picture
Prepare for changing perspectives
Any questions?
For more information contact us
[email protected]
0208 725 4287
[email protected]
0208 725 2734
Thank You for Listening!

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