The KPK Excel Macros

The KPK Excel Macros
• The textbook authors have written a set of
Excel macros
• An Excel macro carries out statistical
calculations or constructs a statistical chart
• Since Excel has very few built-in statistical
options, these macros were necessary
• These macros are available at the DSCI 2710
website (address in the syllabus) or in
Blackboard Learn
KPK macro’s from Blackboard Learn
Left click here to
obtain the Excel
macros. Then select
Save File to save this
file on your hard
Click here to obtain
the Excel macros
and data files for
taking an Excel Quiz
KPK Macros from the DSCI 2710 Website
The address is:
Click here to obtain
the Excel macros
The Excel Macros
Right click this.
Select “Save Target As”
Save this file on your
hard drive
Suggestion: Create a shortcut to this file on
your computer desktop
Going to Excel Options
In Excel 2010,
start by clicking
on File
Then press Options
Managing Add-Ins
Select Add-Ins
Select to
Manage Add-ins
and press Go
Adding Data Analysis Toolpack
5 Check
Analysis Toolpak and
Analysis Toolpak – VBA,
then click OK. The first time
around, some configuration
may be necessary
Data Analysis is now available!
Excel’s Data Analysis menu is available
under Data
Select the
desired Data
Analysis method
Opening a Macro file
In Excel 2010,
when you open
a macro file, a
security warning
appears here
To enable macros,
press Enable Macros
Running the Macros
Click on the Add-Ins tab and you will see the Excel macros
Important Note: These macros will not run on a Mac.
Running the Macros
This is the path to use the Histogram macro.

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