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Lean Launch Pad
prep for Week 2 :
Value Proposition
Tues 2/10 & Wed 2/11/15
Value Proposition
What product and service are you building?
For whom? Who are your customers?
What problem or need are you solving for the customers?
Answers are all hypotheses.
• What experiments will you
design/carry out to verify these
• What Minimum Viable Product
(MVP) will you offer to your first
customers? What will build/use
in your hypothesis testing?
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Customer Discovery
 Leave campus: go talk to at least 10
potential customers (target 15) to gain
insights and generate findings about your
 Watch customer discovery Checklist:
 Watch: How to do Customer Discovery:
Preparing for Week 2: Value Proposition
 Watch Course video lesson 2: Value Proposition
BMG pp. 77-107: Multisided & Freemium Markets
BMG pp. 127 – 133: Customer Insights
Read Osterwalder Value Proposition Canvas at:
SOM pp. 76-84: Value Proposition & MVP
SOM pp. 189 - 202: Getting out of the building/Experiments/Contacts
SOM pp. 474: Product Features Checklist
SOM pp. 487: Contacts Checklist
Watch Mark Pincus at
Watch Course Video Lesson 3: Customer Segments (day before next class)
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Week 2: Customer Segments
• 15 minute Q and A on readings/concepts
• Teams present their updated business model to the class: (8-10 mins)
• Slide 1: Title Slide. Tally # Interviews so far.
• Slide 2: Business Model Canvas, with changes highlighted in red.
• Slide 3: Value Proposition Canvas
• What are your products/services, Pain Relievers, Gain Creators
• What’s the MVP you’ll test?
• Slide 4: What were your experiments to test Value Proposition?
• Slide 5-n: What did you learn about your Value Proposition from talking
to your first customers?
• Hypothesis: Here’s what we thought.
• Experiments: Here’s what we did.
• Results: Here’s what we found.
• Action: Here’s what we’re going to do next.
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