SIPA Registration 101

Registration 101
By the Office of Student Affairs
How do I register for a SIPA class?
• This presentation will show you how to:
1. Use SSOL to:
• Find registration appointments
• Register a SIPA course
2. Find a course online:
• Columbia University Directory of Classes
• SIPA Course Directory
3. Use the OSA Electronic Add/Drop Form:
• Used for registration transactions that cannot be conducted
Using SSOL
Login to SSOL
• Visit: and login using your UNI and password
SSOL – In Focus
• Each student is given a schedule of appointments during
which they are able to register online through SSOL.
SSOL - Continued
• During a scheduled appointment, student can add/ drop a course by typing in the
call number.
• Call numbers can be found using the SIPA Course Listings
on the Columbia University Course Catalog
• More on searching for courses later in the presentation
SSOL – Adding Course
• Using a call number, instructor name or course title, you can search for a
course on SSOL.
• Click Add/Drop to add or drop a course in order to change your schedule.
• For any SIPA course, you do have instructor permission
• You can also choose to take the course for a letter grade or pass/fail
• Keep in mind- all courses taken for the Core Curriculum, Concentration or Specialization
must be taken for a letter grade
SSOL – Final Schedule
• Once you have added your courses, they should be reflected on your Schedule
on SSOL.
How to search for a course
• Columbia University Directory of Classes
• SIPA Course Directory
Columbia University Directory of Classes
• The primary search engine for finding courses across Columbia University.
• Lists critical course information including call number.
• The courses are also listed by department, e.g. International Affairs,
Spanish, Political Science etc.
Columbia University Directory of Classes
– Cont’d
• Below is an example of a course listing.
• Copy key information such as call number and course meeting time to use in
searching for course on SSOL.
How to search for a course
• Columbia University Directory of Classes
• SIPA Course Directory
SIPA Course Directory
• Information regarding courses can also be found on the Course Directory.
• Searchable by Keyword, Curricular Area, Instructor, Day of Week and
SIPA Course Directory – Cont’d
• Search will result in a listing of courses that match the criteria.
• Each course will feature basic information such as description, call number
and meeting times.
Electronic add/drop form
Used only for courses that are not available for online
registration through SSOL
OSA- Electronic Add/Drop Form
• Courses can also be added, dropped or grade status changed through OSA by submitting an Electronic
Add/Drop Form.
• This is primarily used for cross-registration for non-SIPA courses.
For standard SIPA courses, use SSOL
• Processed within 48 hours.
• Also, use this form for Instructor Permission Courses once you have been accepted

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