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To Briefcase
An Introduction to
Styling Your Resume &
Creating Your Showcase
What is Backpack To Briefcase?
 “Backpack To
Briefcase” is a Rowan University
program that helps you transition from a student to
a professional.
 “Backpack To
Briefcase” uses DATA180:
Document your college experience and involvement
on campus
 Stay organized and on track
 File and store important documents
 Highlight your leadership skills
+ What are the Benefits as a
Rowan Student to Create a Showcase?
Upload Documents & Pictures
Save important papers and homework assignments
Save flyers, reports, and pictures from events of your
organizations and student groups
Design and Personalize Your Portfolio
Choose what “pages” or information you’d like to share
Design your pages to reflect the content – fun or professional?
Add color and layout design templates to create your perfect
Have potential employers electronically view
your portfolios & resumes
How to Edit and Style Your Resume
 Click
your resume title under the “Resumes
& Portfolios” Tab
 Tab
Options to Design your resume:
 View
– check out how your page looks
 Edit – choose which selections you’d like to
include on your page
 Style – design your resume using templates,
display banners, and different fonts
 Publish & Print – edit the accessibility to
your pages or print out a copy
Styling My Resume or Showcase
 Templates
List / Outline Format – Classic, Compact, Modern
 Sections - Jefferson
 Website Format – Story, Website, Presentation
 Viewable Pictures – Scrapbook, Presentation
 Header
Use a built-in image
 Add a picture from your own added artifacts
 Advanced
Change font, alignment, and detail of text
Creating a Showcase
Home Screen  Section and Portfolio Templates  add the
“Portfolio Showcase” template
This template will now appear under your Input Activities Section
Resumes & Portfolios Tab  Click “add” to create a new page 
Change the name to your desired section
 Click “Make All Not Shown”  Add the one section that you
would like to be on your page (ex: athletics, work
experience, etc.)
When you are finished, click “Return to save your page.
You may now style this page the same as a resume.
+ Adding Page Templates to Your Showcase
 Under
the “Input Activities” Tab
Find “Portfolio Showcase Template”
Click ADD
This is where you will design what page templates
you’d like to use in your showcase portfolio. Here, you
will be able to link back to your created page or an
external website (you just need the URL!)
After you click ADD, this is what you see.
Here is how you input your information to create your page template.
Choose a URL link of
an existing web page
you may have or click
to add a resume &
portfolio link!
Here, select the resume
or portfolio (the page
you created) that you
wish to add.
Remember to
save when you
are finished!
Then, select format:
HTML. You can also
choose from PDF or
Adding Artifacts
 Upload
important pictures and documents
Academic Work: projects, term papers, lesson plans, annual reports, lab
reports, scholarship essays etc.
Internship Work: hour logs, evaluation essays, work and reports while on
the job, etc.
Student Organizations: pictures, flyers, minutes, etc.
Personal Interest: photography, artwork, movies, music, poems, short
stories, etc.
 Organize
your Artifacts with
labeled folders
FUN TIP – attach your artifacts to your different
activities under your selections in the “input
activities” tab, and they’ll also be added to your
created page on your showcase portfolio!!
You’ve Created a Showcase Portfolio!!
You Can Design your different
pages the same way you did
your resume.
 Create a uniform look or
give every page a different
personality to reflect the
To View
“Resumes and Portfolios”
Tab and choose your
desired page or your
showcase that you’d like to
Publish and Print
So others may view your
page as well, make sure you
are clear of any passwords
and then hit the save icon
next to the link
Any Questions or
Need Help?
+ Arrange a Personal Meeting
Melissa Novak
G.A. Student Enrichment & Family Connections
Contact Information:
Email: [email protected]
Cell Phone: (609) 221 – 4788
Office: Student Center, Room 217
Monday 1:00 - 6:00
Wednesday 10:00 – 3:00
Showcase Portfolio
Mon, Dec 6, 2:00-4:00
Mon, Jan 31, 3:30-5:3

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