LastPass End User Training Deck

Using LastPass
Let LastPass do the Work for You!
Great password management is impossible w/o a great tool
Auto-fill (hands-free login) will save you approximately one hour per month
You will never feel the frustration of a forgotten password again
Strong passwords help keep corporate data safe and secure
Our 'zero-knowledge' privacy environment ensures no one can ever see your
data: not our staff, not the government, no one. (1) All sensitive data is encrypted
at the device. (2) Your master password is the only key. (3) This password is
never sent to LastPass.
We encourage you to use your LastPass Enterprise account strictly for
professional data. If you love LastPass and would like to store personal data,
please create a separate, free LastPass account.
Create a new account:
Once you have created your account, you can “Link Personal Account”. Linking
the accounts will allow you to access your personal data and logins when using
your Enterprise account. To link your accounts:
Login with your work credentials at:
Click the ‘Link Personal Account’ icon on the left, and follow the prompts.
Three Easy Steps
And look for the icon in
your browser
Download LastPass
Login to Any Site
Hit “Save Site”
Then Take it Up a Notch
Update passwords with Generate Secure Password
Save Other Important Data Using Secure Notes
Use automated Form Fill for One Click Check-out
Getting Started: Welcome Email
Getting Started
For your Master Password,
consider using a passphrase
instead of a password.
15 characters or more is
If LastPass can find this
data, then the bad guys can
too. By clicking ‘yes’ we will
find any passwords that are
in plain text on your hard
drive, lock them away safely
in your LastPass vault, and
then delete them from the
local settings.
We suggest clicking ‘yes’
here. Form fill lets you fill out
web-based forms with just
the click of a button. For
example, you might want to
create a ‘form fill profile’ for
your work credit card with
name, address and card
Getting Started
The LastPass Add-On and Main Menu
Search here for Sites and Notes
stored in your vault.
Click on the LastPass Add-On to
pull up the search option and
main menu.
Can’t find the LastPass icon in your browser? Enable it here:
Alt+X -> Manage Add-Ons
Alt+F -> Settings -> Extensions
Your LastPassVault
(accessed via the Add-on or from
The LastPass Add-on
Red Icon = Logged-on
Gray = Logged-off
Create , Assign and
Manage Shared Folders
Collapse and
Expand All Folders
Edit or Delete an Entry
in your Vault
‘Group’ = Folder
Folders can be “Shared”
or standard
Importing Data
LastPass makes it easy.
Import from over 20 different password managers/file types.
Import secure notes, server credentials and site data.
File each entry appropriately using ‘groups’.
For more info visit:
Saving Existing Credentials
1. Browse to the desired site and enter your log in credentials.
2. Note the ‘Save Site’ dialog that pops up.
3. Enter the Group (folder) name where you would like the item to be
stored in your vault .
4. Hit “save site”.
User Manual:
Visiting a Saved Site – “Hands-free Login”
1. Browse to the desired site as you normally would or search for it from the
LastPass main menu.
2. LastPass will automatically fill in the username and password fields. Click the
LastPass asterisk to select between multiple accounts.
3. If you have ‘auto-login’ set, then LastPass will automatically hit the submit
button for you. If you do not want this to be the case, then this can be edited
from your vault.
(1) If LastPass does not take action, first
check to make sure that the LastPass icon in
the browser bar is red. Red = logged-on.
Gray = logged-off.
(2) If the icon is red, then search in your
vault to make sure that the item is there
and that the username, password, and Site
URL fields are all correctly populated.
Updating Existing Login Credentials
1. Login and find ‘update password’ on the
site itself.
2. Enter ‘current password’
3. In the ‘new password’ field, click the
password generator icon and select
‘Use Password’
4. Then click ‘Yes, Use for this Site’, or
‘No, Save as New Entry’
Tips and Tricks
1. Always edit/update and store credentials at the Site, never in the
LastPass vault.
2. If a site is not logging you in properly:
1. Go to your vault -> edit.
2. Verify username and password fields.
3. Copy and paste the username and password into the login screen
4. If this does not work, then it is likely that incorrect information was
stored in LastPass.
3. If LastPass is taking you to the wrong page from the site entry in your
vault: surf to the login screen of the site, copy the full URL, click on the
plug-in -> my LastPass vault -> ‘edit’ next to the site in question -> paste
the copied URL into the URL space.
4. If all else fails, write down the password, delete the entry from your
vault, and start over.
AUTOMATED FORM FILL: One-click checkout and other automated form fill is easy using
LastPass. Your data is encrypted locally on your computer before it is sent to LastPass, so you
can securely store your credit cards and other sensitive data you wish to use in forms and
Want to Add a New Profile? Click
on the LastPass Add-On, select
“Form Fills” -> “Add Profile”
SECURE NOTES: LastPass Secure Notes allow you to store private information safely and
securely. Think of it as a password-protected, digital notepad that you can access from
anywhere, at anytime. Some examples of data that you might save in a secure note include
server logins and software keys.
Click ‘Add a Secure Note’,
then select your template, and
hit ‘Save’.
How well are you managing your passwords?
Take the ‘LastPass Security Challenge’ to find out!
Click the LastPass Add-on,
select ‘Tools’ -> ‘Security Check’.
(The results are most compelling after
you have 10 or more sites already stored
in LastPass.)
LastPass on Android
First time user guide
Integrated browser/vault
Floating window for
filling apps
Full featured browser
with multiple tabs
Tablet optimized
experience with screen
LastPass 3.0 on Android
Floating window for filling applications
LastPass Android Tablet Landscape View
LastPass on iOS
First time user guide
Integrated browser/
vault experience
Full featured browser
with multiple tabs
Tablet optimized
experience with screen
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LastPass End User Manual:

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