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Employee Self-Service (ESS)
Employee Self-Service Components
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• In this session you will learn how to utilize some
of the tools available in the PeopleSoft Employee
Self-Service (ESS) Module.
• The overall goal of the session is to provide an
understanding on:
– Employee Self-Service components
• Employee Self-Service (ESS) allows an employee to handle
many job-related tasks normally conducted by HR, such as
updating personal information and accessing University
information through a web-based application.
• This session provides an overview of Self-Service components
for employees.
• ESS components covered in this session:
How to check your Biographical information
Maintaining direct deposit
Updating W4 Tax information
Requesting a W2 Form
• Employee Self-Service: PeopleSoft Financials allows you to
create (modify, delete, view and print) cash advance requests,
travel authorizations and expense reports. PeopleSoft Human
Resources allows you to change your own personal data,
including viewing your paycheck, changing your mailing
address, etc.
• Module: a set of pages grouped for a business purpose (i.e.
Benefits, Personal Information, etc)
• Empl ID: the number that PeopleSoft uses to identify an
individual person in the system.
– Every person will have a unique Empl ID assigned to them.
Employee Self-Service (ESS)
• The employee Personal Information pages are used to review,
add, update or delete personal information. You can access
each transaction individually or use the Personal Information
Summary page to review all personal information at once.
• The following transactions may require a visit to Human
Resources to provide official documentation:
– Name change
– Marital status change
– Adding a dependent
Employee Self-Service (ESS)
Personal Information
• The Employee Self-Service (ESS) Personal Information
Module enables employees to review, add, update,
delete (where appropriate), or submit for approval
changes to personal profile information. Some of the
self-service transactions available are:
Home and mailing addresses
Emergency contacts
Phone numbers
Personal information
Ethnic groups
Employee Self-Service (ESS)
Personal Information Module
• Once logged in, you will
access self-service tools from
the main menu:
– Navigation: Main Menu >
Employee Self-Service >
Personal Information
• Click on the item from the
menu to verify and update
your information.
Home and Mailing Address
• Use the Home and Mailing Address page to verify your
address information and make any appropriate changes.
• You may add a new address by selecting the “Add” button; or
click “Edit” to update the existing address listed.
Phone Numbers
• The Phone Numbers page allows you to view, add, update,
and delete your personal phone numbers, as well as select a
preferred contact number.
• If you make any updates to this information, remember to
select “Save” to ensure your changes are saved.
Email Addresses
• From the Email Addresses page you may view, add, update,
and delete your email address.
• Select “Save” once changes are made.
Emergency Contacts
• Use the Emergency Contacts page to view and edit your emergency
contact information.
• By clicking the Contact Name, you will be able to view your
emergency contact’s address and telephone information; if
necessary, you may add a new emergency contact and select a
primary contact as well.
• “Save” changes.
Ethnic Groups
• Use the Ethnic Groups
page to view, add,
update, and delete your
ethnic group
• Remember to select
“Save” to ensure your
changes are saved.
Personal Information Summary
• Note: As previously
mentioned, you may access
each section individually or
use the Personal
Information Summary page
to review and update your
information at once.
Payroll and Compensation
• PeopleSoft ESS Payroll and Compensation provides employees
convenient online access to personal payroll information, including:
View a paycheck
Maintain direct deposit information
Update W-4 tax information
Request a new W-2 form
View Paycheck
• When reviewing a paycheck, employees see earnings, taxes, deductions,
leave balances and net pay distribution.
• All checks show the information for the current check, and the most
recent paycheck also shows year-to-date information.
• From the View Paycheck page select the link for a paycheck to view the
• You may also select the PDF File check box to view the paycheck in a PDF.
Direct Deposit
• Use the Direct Deposit page to view, edit, add, and delete
direct deposit information.
• You may add multiple accounts, from various financial
institutions, and designate the amount/percent to deposit in
each account – there is a limit of 3 accounts that can be set up
W-4 Tax Information
• The W-4 Tax Information
page may be used to
view, add, or edit W-4 tax
information for Federal
Income Tax.
W-2 Reissue Request
• Use the W-2 Reissue
Request page to request
to have a new W-2 form
sent to you.
More Information
• Resources for more information on this subject:
– Training materials are located on Blackboard
– Send questions related to ESS to [email protected]
Thank You!

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