How to Add/Drop Sections,
Change Variable Credits and Grade Modes,
Transcripts, Schedules,
and Enrollment Certifications
Accessing LoboWeb
2. LoboWeb Basics
3. Financial Responsibility
4. Search Class Schedule
5. Registration (Add / Drop / with Override)
6. Transcripts
7. Schedules
8. Enrollment Certifications
9. Tips and Reminders
Accessing LoboWeb
 Login using your NetID
and Password
 Click on the Student
Life tab
 Click on LoboWeb
Problems Accessing LoboWeb?
 allowed by
pop-up blockers?
FastInfo 1105
 NetID/Password problem?
Go to
FastInfo 28
Student Menu
Check your Financial Aid information.
Update address, phone, and
emergency contact information.
Registration, check holds, view
schedule and grades, etc.
Make payments, review your bill, and
setup payment plans.
Registration & Records
Select a Term prior to choosing
these functions.
Review your degree audit or test
scores, view an unofficial or order
official transcripts.
Print your Concise Schedule or
request Enrollment Certifications.
Make payments, review your bill, and
setup payment plans.
Registration Deadlines
 Deadlines vary by part-of-
term (full, 1st/2nd half, etc.)
but for 16 week terms are:
 Last day to add: 2nd Friday
 Refund: 3rd Friday
 Drop w/o grade: 3rd Friday
 Drop w/o permission: 12th
 More deadline details can be
found at –
Deadline Dates
FastInfo 3173
Financial Responsibility
Important information about
when your bill is due, how much
must be paid to avoid having
enrollment cancelled and your
residency status for tuition
purposes is presented here.
To register, you must ACCEPT
Financial Responsibility.
StudentInfo 4252
Search Class Schedule
Course Search: shows all section for the
selected subject(s).
Advanced Search: allows further filtering
by Campus, Part of Term, Online,
Instructor, etc.
You must select at least one subject for
either search.
StudentInfo 2312
Search Class Schedule – Course Search
Select at least one subject for
either search.
All courses being offered for
the selected subject(s) are
Click on View Sections to see
offering for the Term.
StudentInfo 2312
– Course Search Results
Select sections to Add to
Worksheet or Register.
StudentInfo 2312
Search Class Schedule – Advanced Search
Select at least one subject for
either search.
Advanced Search allows additional
filters, the most common searches
are done by:
• Instructional Method – Online
• Campus – Branches, Westside
• Part of Term – Second Half, Late
StudentInfo 2312
– Advanced Search Results
Sections without a
Select box are not
available for
Select sections to
Add to Worksheet
or Register.
StudentInfo 2350
Use the Registration (Add / Drop / with
Override) option to:
• Drop registered sections,
• Change grade modes (standard letter
and credit/no credit),
• Change hours for variable credit courses,
• Add sections normally,
• Add sections after receiving an override.
Drop or ReRegister for
sections by
selecting from
the Action menu.
Add new
sections by
entering the
CRN on the Add
Remember to Submit Changes to register. Results,
successful registration or an error message will be displayed.
Grade Modes,
Standard Letter
and Credit/No
Credit, may be
changed here.
Variable Credit
courses will
default to their
minimum hours.
You may change
them here.
Remember to Submit Changes to register. Results,
successful registration or an error message will be displayed.
View Unofficial Academic Transcript
Prior and current term grades,
degree awards, transfer hours
and more …
Curriculum Information:
Current degree program on file
(your academic advisor can
Term Totals:
Cumulative Hours and GPA.
Transcript (Level) Totals:
Hours and GPA by degree level
including transfer, if any.
Courses In Progress:
Final Grades not yet submitted.
View Unofficial Academic Transcript
For more information on transfer courses, review your
Transfer Credit Evaluation or TCE. (StudentInfo 3228)
Once confirmed by your College,
your degree will be added to the
top of your transcript.
Courses will be listed for each
applicable degree level.
View Unofficial Academic Transcript
Grade Replacement
(1st attempt excluded from
GPA and Earned Hours)
• I or blank: Included in GPA and Earned Hours
• A: Included in GPA only
• E: Excluded from GPA and Earned Hours
Grade Replacement
Not Complete
(2nd attempt not included
in Earned Hours)
Order Official Transcript
 Order online for fastest processing.
 Cost $5 each; additional fees for
secure PDF email and expedited
 Require 3-5 business days for
 Status updates will be sent via email
or text.
 May be emailed (secure PDF),
mailed, or held for pick up at the
Mesa Vista One-Stop.
StudentInfo 3272
Concise Student Schedule
Print Landscape for best results.
View Weekly Schedule
Other schedule views
are also available.
Enrollment Certifications  - UNM Produced
 … certifies your status at
 - National Student Clearinghouse
 … certifies your status at UNM for
UNM for the selected Term.
 … are generally accepted by
insurance and scholarship
 … may include your GPA.
 … will be mailed to your
@unm email account as a
the selected or all Terms.
 … are generally accepted by
insurance and scholarship
 … will not include your GPA.
 … can be printed directly from
 These are provided by the
National Student Clearinghouse.
Enrollment Certifications for Loan Servicers will be
sent to the Student Clearinghouse for processing.
StudentInfo 3272
Tips and Reminders
Access LoboWeb from – Student Life tab.
LoboWeb contains information for all UNM campuses, online,
hybrid and correspondence courses so searching for classes by
subject & campus (Advanced) will yield the most relevant results.
Use additional search criteria like instructional method (e.g.
online), part of term (e.g. second half), or instructor for more
focused information.
Loboweb enforces a variety of registration restrictions; pre/corequisites, time conflicts, duplicate sections (different sections of
the same course, even with different content, will raise this error),
and others. Note any error messages you receive and work with
the Instructor or Department to help resolve them.
Check your schedule throughout the term.
Other LoboWeb Options
 Check your Registration Appointment Date
 StudentInfo 2390
 Make Payments and View Account Summaries
 StudentInfo 2658
 Check/pay Enrollment Cancellation Balance
 StudentInfo 2527
 Run an LoboTrax degree audit or Transfer Credit
Evaluation (TCE)
 StudentInfo 3052 and 3228
 View Final Grades
 StudentInfo 3148
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