Getting to Know Ted
 Navigating Ted
 Imported Courses from WebCT
 New Courses
 Content Tools
 Collaboration & Communication Tools
 Tests, Assignments, and Grades
Little Goodies
 Open links in new tabs! (Mostly)
 Don’t get logged out every 15 minutes
 Java only required for Chat/Virtual
Classroom tool
 No Browser Check
 Drag to re-order list items
Importing from WebCT
When you request a course website:
 We will migrate the most recent offering of your
course to Blackboard
 A new blank course site will be created for your
current class
 You may choose to import as much content as you
Watch a demonstration video:
click Copy Content from an Imported WebCT site
Navigating Ted: Landing Page
Navigating Ted: WebCT Equivalents
Build Tab
Course Menu
Course Content
ner Tools
Student Submissions
Manage Course
Setting Up a New Course
 Course menu includes a default set of
common locations
All course tools available, via Tools link
 Organization
 Add tools, content area to Menu
Can add as many Content areas as desired
Add files, folders, and tools to Content
 When Edit Mode is off, you see the
same items students see
Items hidden from students may be used in
Edit Mode
Course Content
Files, folders, assignments, and other tools listed along page
• Consistent look between all courses
Course Content: Adding Content
With Edit Mode on, buttons appear allowing you to add content to the page.
Course Content: Post a File
 From the Build Content menu, select File
Select the file from
your computer
Course Content: Adding Tools
From the Content page,
add links to Tests,
Discussions, and other
class tools.
For all tools (except Assignments)
Select Tool
<NEW> or
Set Up Tool
Select New
Set Up
Learning Modules: Organized Content
• As with
WebCT, Build
designed to be
viewed in a
 New Feature:
Enforce sequential
viewing order
Mail Tools
 WebCT’s Mail tool
 Messages stayed inside the class website
 A copy of the content was emailed to students, but they had to return to
WebCT to reply
Replaced by two tools with complementary features:
 Messages: Send a message inside Blackboard
Maintains a stand-alone mailbox, with Inbox, Sent folders
Student not notified via email
Used as equivalent to Mail in classes imported from WebCT
 Email: Sends a regular email to students
 Once the message is sent, no involvement in Blackboard
No Sent folder to maintain history of sent messages
No notification to students in Blackboard
Email appears to come from your email address, so students can reply
directly to message
Mail Tools
 Available on Tools
 … or add directly to
the Course Menu
Check this if you want
students to use the tool
 Topics are organized in Forums. Click Create
Forum to add a Forum for each distinct topic of
conversation (Papers, Tests, Administrative)
Instructor may choose to moderate posts
Students may opt to subscribe to forums, to receive an email
notification when a new message is posted
No longer allows Forums to be organized into Categories
Blogs and Journals
 Provides a place for individuals or groups to share
information and opinions with the class
Journal: Record of progress and notes; only the instructors may
Blog: Publish opinions or progress, where others in the course may
post feedback comments
 Easier to find in Ted: Add via Add Interactive Tool,
making them easier to find and add to your course
 Provides a place for students to work together as a
class or in groups to create content
 Completely contained within Ted
No longer requires using a separate tool on a separate website
Easily set up separate private spaces for groups
Integrated with grading
Assists you evaluating individual students’ contributions
Chat and Whiteboard
 Chat: Basic messaging
 Virtual Classroom:
Includes whiteboard and
other features
Present other class content to
viewers in chat window
Breakout sessions
 More basic
 Fewer options for
visibility and viewing
 No recurring events
 As with the Email
tool: Listed on Tools
page, may be added
to Course Menu
 Now called a Test or Survey
Includes many new question types
Less chance to lose students’ responses
Generally a long list of reduced features (most are
rarely-used customizations)
 Grading moved to Grade Center
 Functionality largely
Student attaches file to
Instructor decides whether to
allow “drafts”
Instructor may return file with
 Grading moved to
Grade Center
Turn-It-In Assignments
 Little changed WebCT
Use TurnItIn inside WebCT window
without a separate username/password
No confusing Settings page, as in
WebCT’s Build tab
Instructor may submit on behalf of a
student by clicking link to assignment
View Assignment Inbox from
Control Panel > Course Tools
 Grading moved to Grade Center
i>Clicker Registration
Student i>Clicker registration is
identical to WebCT:
Instructors add a Registration
tool to a Content page
Students click Registration tool,
and type in their i>Clicker ID
May take up to a minute to load!
Instructor then uses i>Grader
tool to synchronize
For more information, visit:
Gradebook: Grade Center
 Consolidates grade options to one place
In WebCT, there might be many different places where
you could set a column as Released to Students
 Easier column types
All columns “scores”, but can
be displayed as
 Percent (relative to points possible)
 Letter, according to “schema” you define
 Score may be entered as letter or number
 No more Histogram in statistics
Does have text chart of grade distribution
 No more Grading Forms
Can associate a Rubric with an assignment, but does not use it to
help with grading
Gradebook: Needs Grading
 Shows Ungraded Tests, Assignments,
and TurnItIn assignments
For Tests and Assignments, may choose
“Grade Anonymously” to grade all students’
submissions in random order, with student’s
name hidden during grading process
Gradebook Equivalents: Grade Center
 More spreadsheet-like
 Click on a grade to make changes in the same window
 Use arrows to move to next student
Weighted columns
Quicker access to
column settings
Show only interesting
Know at a glance
what students see
Click on a score
to edit in place
To-Do Items
Weighted Columns
 Much easier to create a
weighted score
 Easy to exempt a student
from an assignment, so
the weighted score
ignores that assignment
Any Questions?
 … about something covered too quickly?
 … something you use a lot in WebCT?
 … something you wish WebCT did differently?
Thank you!
 More information
 Email: [email protected]
 Phone: x23315
 Frequently Answered Questions:
This will grow as we get more questions – feel free to contact us!
Resources from Blackboard: Look for the
Instructor & Designer Resources - Ted Training class
when you log in to http://ted.ucsd.edu

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