Working with the interface and
interacting with the iPad app.
Your login name is the same as your Bishop
Moore login. (lennoxm) The default password
= hornets.
You will be asked to change your password
when you login.
Your homepage will list all
the recent activity happening
with your eBackPack
account. It will show
assignments awaiting review,
current assignments, graded
work, and recently added
An eBox is like an
email inbox and
outbox combined
together into one.
You will see all
between users
related to files in
your eBox.
The My Files
section of your
control panel is
where you will store
all of your
documents. From
here, you can add,
rename, move, copy
or delete folders.
Once you’ve created a folder, click on that
folder. You’ll have the option now to add files
to that directory.
Once files are added, you’ll be able to make
changes to those files or move them to
different locations.
To create a class,
click on the ‘Settings
and Reports’ tab.
Click the ‘Classes’
You’ll see ‘Active’
classes and
‘Deleted’ classes.
Click Active.
From here, you can
add a class.
Any classes you’ve
created will now
appear on your
control panel when
you return to the
eBackPack home
To add an
assignment, click
the add assignment
Once you’ve
created an
assignment folder,
students in your
class will be able to
see that folder. You
can then click ‘Add
Files’ to add any
When students are
logged in, they can
access that folder
and upload their
completed work to
the assignment
When students turn in assignments you will be
notified on your ‘Updates’ page at the top of your
control panel. Click the class, then assignment.
You can then Review/Grade the work.
Once assignments have been submitted, you
can click on the submissions from either
your class page or your updates page.
The Grade and
Review screen
allows you to
assign a grade,
make comments
and even attach
additional files.
Once finished, click
‘Complete Review
and Return’.
If you have any additional questions or
would like to learn more about the advanced
feature of eBackPack, feel free to e-mail me
or stop by my office in the media center at
any time.

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