Discovery Education`s Site School Coordinator Responsibilities

Seminole County Public Schools
Discovery Education
Reading, Math, & Science
Getting Started
Administration Dates
August 27 – September 28
November 12 – December 14
February 4 – March 8
– Reading (replacing FAIR AP1, AP2, and AP3)
– Math and Science (non-EOC courses and replacing DA)
Materials Needed for Testing
Access Codes for Teachers
– Print out or email Access Code to Teachers
Scrap Paper for Math and Science
4-function calculator for Math (Grades 7-12)
User Guide
How to Log In to Discovery Education’s site
School Coordinator Responsibilities
– Manage Users
– Add Users (Site Admins, Teachers, Students)
– Add a Class
– Start a Benchmark Assessment
Teachers Responsibilities
Sample of Reports (School Coordinator and Teacher)
Discovery Education’s Site
Log in to Discovery Education’s site
– Go to
– Enter your username and password under Subscriber Login
Discovery Education’s Site
Once logged in, click Assessment from the My DE drop
down menu
School Coordinator Responsibilities
Access the following from the Assessment Home Page
Manage Users
View Benchmark Reports
Add New User
Download PDF Tests
• Not available until 2 weeks before the testing window opens
• You will have to transcribe student responses into the computer
– Manage Assessments
School Coordinator Responsibilities
Manage Users
Click on Manager Users
– At the bottom of the screen is a list of users for your school
Double click on “Role” to sort Ascending or Descending, so
that you can view by “Teacher” role
Search by Users (last name, first name, username, email)
If a user is not listed, then you will need to “Add User”
School Coordinator Responsibilities
Add a New User
Add a New User (Site Admin, Teacher, Student)
– Click on “Add User”
– Make sure that the Account is Seminole District and
Site is your school, then click “Go”
School Coordinator Responsibilities
Add a New User
Select Role
– Only for Site Admins and Teachers (not students),
you MUST select “Assessment Access”
• Make sure “Assessment Access” is under the Assigned box
– Recommend completing entire “Profile” for individual
(set a generic password for all new users)
School Coordinator Responsibilities
Start a Benchmark Assessment
You will need to login as a teacher in order to start a
Benchmark Assessment and receive an Access Code
Click on Manage Users
Find the teacher/user and click on “Login to DE”
– This will log you in as that particular teacher
School Coordinator Responsibilities
Start a Benchmark Assessment
Verify user by name in the upper right corner
Click on Assessment from the My DE drop down menu
Select Start a Benchmark Assessment
School Coordinator Responsibilities
Start a Benchmark Assessment
Students will be uploaded by Teachers’ Classes/Periods
– For example: Csonka_Gr5 Math, Risner_Gr8 Math_Period 4
After you have selected Start a Benchmark Assessment, you will
need to click the bubble next to the Class Name/Grade/Subject
that you want to start
Click “Proceed to next step”
School Coordinator Responsibilities
Start a Benchmark Assessment
Select the test (Test A, Test B, or Test C)
– Only the test that is available for that testing period will be
• Test A (8/27-9/28); Test B (11/12-12/14); Test C (2/4-3/8)
Generate Access Code
– Click on “Generate Access Code” to receive the seven-digit
Benchmark Code for accessing the test (recommended that
you print or email this information for teacher)
• Access Codes are only good for 10 hours from the time you
generate the codes
• DO NOT generate codes unless you plan to administer within
the 10hr timeframe
– See next slide for graphic
Recommend printing
the Access Code sheet
for each teacher
Select File and Print
Log out as the teacher
to return to your
administrator access
Repeat process for all
School Coordinator Responsibilities
Start a Benchmark Assessment
Only click on “Start Assessment” for…
– Students that took a paper test and the teacher needs to
enter the student’s responses into the system
School Coordinator Responsibilities
Add a Class
If the teacher’s class is not listed, then you or the teacher
will need to add the class/students
Also, you can group students together in a particular class
(for example, if a reading coach wants to put all her ESE
students in one class)
Find Teacher then log in as that teacher by clicking on
“Login to DE”
Select Assessment from the My DE drop down menu
Click on Manage Your Classes
School Coordinator Responsibilities
Add a Class
Create a Class by adding students from the school roster
Click on Create Class
Enter Class Name (Csonka_Gr5 Math_ESE) and Class Description
Select students by Searching on student’s last name, first name,
username, student ID
Click the box next to the students’ name and it adds the student to the
Class Roster and click Save
School Coordinator Responsibilities
Add a Student to a Class
To Add a New Student that is not in the system
Click on the tab “Add New Students”
School Coordinator Responsibilities
Add a Student to a Class
Add student information and then click Add New Students
– You can enter more than one student at a time
After you add a student(s),
student(s) will appear in the
Class Roster
Click Save to ensure students
are entered into the system
Teacher Responsibilities
Make sure that the student Discovery Education icon/link is
on each computer
Provide the Access Code for students (write it on the board)
Students will click on the link
– Type the Access Code
– Type their first and last name
– Click Login
Teacher Responsibilities
Students will be required to Click on their name from an
alphabetical list (by teacher’s class)
Teacher Responsibilities
After the student clicks on his/her name, the test will appear.
Math test will always begin with Question 41
Teacher will need to walk around the room and ensure that the
student has logged in to their own test.
Sample Reports
School Coordinator
Sample – School Coordinator
Drill-Down Report
used to drill down
reports by grade,
teacher, or student, and
sort by proficiency
Sample – School Coordinator
Item Analysis Report displays item level information at
the class, school or district level and exportable to Excel
Sample - Teacher Reports
Class and Grade Skill Summary Report identifies performance by skill
for entire class or grade.
Sample - Teacher Reports
Student Skill Report plots individual student performance
and proficiency by skill.
Sample - Teacher Reports
Individual Student
Report summarizes
scores on all interim
assessments for an
individual student.
Sample – Teacher Reports
Item Summary Report presents information on every
question in an interim assessment.
Additional information
will be provided at a
later date.
Stay Tuned….

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