A Brief “How To” Presentation
By Eva Wortman
What does Proloquo2Go mean?
Speak Out Loud
Goals of this Presentation:
• Explore the A/B options menu
• Go over the view menu
De-clutter the home page
Create common folders for student use
Methods for teaching students to use PLQ2G
Discuss benefits of using PLQ2G vs other AAC’s
Tool bar at the bottom of page
View menu
Edit tab
Options menu
Here is an example of a paraprofessional creating
folders while our student is working.
PLQ2G can be used for assessments
Here we see an example of our student
making a request
Here is an example of student creating an item
In this last video, our student is exploring
what’s in one of his folders
Benefits of using “i” technology
Other AAC’s usually involve a lot of printing, cutting,
and laminating.
PLQ2G is not for every student though. Students must
know how to use picture communication for the use of
PLQ2G to be effective.
The cost of the “i” gadget loaded with PLQ2G can be
minimal compared to the cost of other AAC’s.
Often times, the “i” device attracts peers.

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