TP_SMB_SE June 2012

First Things First
Connect multiple sites into a single conference
Meet ME
4x or 12x Cameras
Fixed or PTZ
Endpoint Registration
Address resolution
Network admission control
Quickset C20:
HD Camera – 1080p4x or
HD Camera – 1080p12x
remote control
power supply
TelePresence devices connect into a Layer 2
device: switch
• IP Packets are sent in a constant flow that may use
different paths
• ISDN packets are sent over a constant path
Quiz review
Passing is 75% (10 questions)
Practice Question 1
Product development times can be decreased because team members can
quickly and easily collaborate regardless of an individual’s geographic location.
B. False
Answer: A
Practice Question 2
How is the Digital NAM (digital natural audio module) used?
A. Lower quality sound for TelePresence systems
B. Digital video signal processing
C. Video output for satellite speakers
D. Natural and optimal sound for TelePresence sytems
Answer: D
Practice Question 3
What is the MCU (Multipoint Control Unit)?
A. A Device that connects multiple sites into a single conference
B. A device that connects an ISDN and IP based endpoint
C. A device that records a video call
D. A device that manages multiple endpoints
Answer: A
Practice Question 4
A firewall traversal solution is a method for allowing video conference traffic
into and out of a corporate network. Almost all corporate networks are secure
by a firewall.
A. True
B. Absolutely Not so true
Answer: A
Practice Question 5
What is the difference between the ISDN and IP Video conferencing networks?
A. The IP send data in a continuous flow of digits, but the ISDN splits the data
into packets
B. The ISDN sends data across a fixed path and the IP networks can use
dynamic paths
C. Data is split by ISDN and IP networks, but ISDN arrives in one packet, while
IP data arrives in separate packets.
D. ISDN Networks require Chuck Norris for security
Answer: B
Practice Question 6
Which protocol is NOT used for video?
A. NetBios
C. H.323
D. H.320
Answer: A
Practice Question 7
What comes with the Quickset C20
A. Remote Control
B. Microphone and Cable
C. Precision HD Camera
D. All of the Above
Answer: D
Practice Question 8
Which Audio Codec uses the smallest amount of bandwidth:
A. G.711
B. G.722
D. G.728
Answer: D
Practice Question 9
Which of the following is NOT a usable video format for TelePresence
A. 4:3
B. 235:1
C. 16x9
D. 15:7
Answer: D
Practice Question 10
A hub is a layer one device, a switch is a layer two device that knows the
addresses of the devices that are connected to it. A router is layer 3 devices
that looks at the IP address of the packet and routes to its destination. What is
TelePresence device connected to?
A. Hub
B. Router
C. Video Distribution Amplifier
D. Switch
E. Splitter
Answer: D
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