Destroy the Four Olds!

Destroy the Four Olds!
Chapter Summary
• The girls head to Grandpa Hong’s bookstall to
read books.
• The girls hear that the “Great Prosperity Market”
sign is being destroyed, as part of the Destroy the
Four Olds campaign.
• Chairman Mao wanted to destroy old ideas, old
culture, old customs and old habits for China to a
strong socialist nation
• A huge crowd attempts to break a large wooden
sign, and finally someone with an ax broke it in
Chapter Summary, part 2
• The girls were excited to be part of Mao’s
program, but their parents weren’t that excited,
and Grandma was upset by the destruction of the
• Cultural Revolution began to take over the city
• Student inspectors began to target “western
• The girls witnessed a man being targeted, and his
too tight pants were cut open, and his
champagne shoes were destroyed
Chapter Quote
• We felt proud of ourselves. We were certain
that we were bringing a new life to China.
• Author’s quote after being part of the
destruction of the Great Prosperity Market
• She is excited to assist Mao in his new “battle”
AAC Connection
• Jiang Ji-li was confused that her parents were not
more motivated by Mao’s new program, and she
referenced an older program to catch up to
England and the United States.
• This was a reference to Mao’s Great Leap
Forward, in which China attempted to become a
leader in steel production.
• Mao required citizens to collect scrap metal to
make more steel.

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