Sport England 13-17 Plan Respect

8th March 2013
2013 – 2014
The FA Whole Sport
Plan / National
Game Strategy
NY Sport NGB Day
FA National Games Strategy:
‘Our promise to football’
Retain 129,000 teams and grow participation
Raise standards and improve behaviour
80% of all mini soccer and youth teams to have the
FA Charter Standard
65% of NG stakeholders think Respect has improved
their experience
Develop better young players and coaches
Review the format of children’s football- FA YDR
80% of all teams to have a qualified coach
Expand the FA Skills programme
FA National Games Strategy:
‘Our promise to football’
4. Run the game effectively
Management information
Maximise technology
Business development
Maximising investment
5. Workforce
Invest £44m into the workforce
6. Facilities
Invest £40m into facilities generating £150m
Staying focused on customer needs?
Improve Facilities
A Referee for Every Game
Addressing Abusive
Sport England 13-17 Plan
Investment Opportunities
• Further Sport England 13-17 plan investment will be available for
some County FAs for the following programmes:• Join Our Club
• Vauxhall Youth Programme
• Respect
HE Football Activators
Charter Standard Growth Fund
FA Coach Mentors
County Disability Leagues
Just Play Fund
• CCFC extension
Sport England 13-17 Plan
Join Our Club
• Rebrand of School - Club Links
• Targeting 5 – 25 age group however 14 – 17 and Adult
11 v 11 are priority areas
• To gain funding 20 or more new players must be
• County FA’s to identify priority clubs
Sport England 13-17 Plan
Vauxhall Mash Up Centres
• Charter Standard Club led sessions for
14 – 16 year olds
• Exit routes for players to:
- Continue to play informally in Mash Up
- Join a team within the club
• County FA’s to identify priority clubs
Sport England 13-17 Plan
• Continuation of the Respect programme throughout
Counties with support from key stakeholders by:
- League Forums / Seminars
- Respect awards scheme
- Implementation of the FA Youth Development
Sport England 13-17 Plan
HE Football Activators
• Small funding pot to work alongside identified
Universities to deliver local projects to attract
students aged 19-25 back into or to retain
• Student led programme with support from
University staff, CFA staff and key stakeholders
e.g. small sided providers
• Possible link to Small Sided Football
Development Fund
Sport England 13-17 Plan
Charter Standard Growth Fund
• Designed to support County FA’s to develop
new teams where there are gaps in provision.
• Incentivise clubs to grow new teams in key
priority groups:
- Disability (inclusive clubs)
- Female & Male U14 – U18
- Adults
- Veterans
• An estimated £750 should be invested in each
programme with the outcome of creating at
least one new team.
• Can link to Mash Up Centres, Just Play etc.
Sport England 13-17 Plan
County Disability Leagues
• Lead the development of establishing and
delivering a sustainable county disability league
• Funding provided by The FA dependant on
number of teams participating regularly.
• Led by County FA officers
Sport England 13-17 Plan
Just Play Fund
• Informal
kick abouts to engage non-participants
•Investment used to generate growth in aged 16+
participation in priority local authority areas.
• Each County FA to determine delivery model for
Sport England 13-17 Plan
CCFC Extension
• Retention
of 20 CCFC across the Country
working with FE and Sixth Form Colleges to drive
growth and retention.
• Increase playing and volunteering opportunities
for students.
• Focus delivery on:
-Team 19
- Just Play
- Join our Club
- Football Futures
- Vauxhall Youth Programme
• Student activity led for students
County Plan process and timeframe
• We will:
• Review and reflect on feedback from this event
• Use feedback to shape our thinking when reviewing the County Plan
• Work with your managers and programme leads to complete the
County Plan
• Make sure we are focused on the needs of our customers and
• Submit the County Plan to The FA 30th April
• Deliver from July 2012
• Thank you!

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