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Ligthning Demo @ Velocity
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Last year at Velocity we …
• announced dynaTrace Ajax Edition 2
• and analyzed the FIFA World Cup Website in Internet Explorer
Earlier this year we …
• announced FULL Support for Firefox 3.6 and 4
• and got some great testimonials from people you probably know
Today I tell you about
• Cross Browser Testing
• Web 2.0 Awareness
• Automation Support
• Compare yourself against your Industry
But before that – some reminders
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• 15 YouTube Video Tutorials
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Lets launch the rocket
Cross Browser Testing
• See EVERYTHING that happens in the Browser
• Resources, JavaScript, XHR, Layouting, Paints, User Interaction, Timers, …
Cross Browser Testing
• Full JavaScript Tracing including
• DOM Access, XHR Calls, Timers and Rendering Activity
Cross Browser Testing
• Compare Across Browsers
• Firefox 3.6, 4
• Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8, 9 (experimental)
More Information on our dynaTrace Blog
Web 2.0 Awareness
• Most tools only focus on Initial Page Load Time
• Ajax Edition analyzes all end-user actions
More Information on our dynaTrace Blog
• Integrate with any Testing Tool that drives a real browser
• Set Custom Markers for custom timings
• Get Performance Data right after the test
More Information on our dynaTrace Blog
Compare yourself against your Industry
• How fast is fast in my industry?
• How fast is my site compared to the Industry Index?
Premium Extensions
• End-To-End Analysis: From Browser to Database
• Automatically Detect Regressions
More Information on our dynaTrace Blog
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15 Tutorial Videos on Ajax Edition
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