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Educational Books.
– A bit more advanced than those above.
MDS References: Books
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References: Books (More of Historical Interest)
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– Hard to find—your library (or inter-library loan) may have a copy. Or your oldest
professor in this area. If you can’t find it, that’s ok—the content is pretty much
captured in the current Green et al. book (above).
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– These 2 volumes presented a lot of good stuff, great for their time; also hard to find
at this point.
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– Geek o-rama but great info, historical and technical.
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– Also good intro and overview; also hard to find.
References: Books (Other)
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– More about the psychology of similarity and preference judgments than algorithms
per se.
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MDS also appears as a chapter in most multivariate stats books, such as:
• Seber, G.A.F. (1984), Multivariate Observations, NY: Wiley, pp.xxxxxx.
Nonmetric MDS References
The 4 classic papers that founded Nonmetric MDS:
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Individual Differences MDS References
The paper that founded INDSCAL:
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Multidimensional Scaling via an N-way Generalization of "Eckhart-Young"
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Also see:
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Unidimensional Scaling
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MDS Related
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