Improving Outcomes for Children

CHOICE Neighborhood Grant
April 2014
APM Theory of Change
Comprehensive Planning
Leadership Development
Civic Engagement
Affordable Housing
Commercial Development
Workforce Development
Benefit Counseling
Financial Planning
Behavioral Health
Supportive Housing
Affordable Housing
Foster Care/SWAN
Early Intervention
Early Childhood Education
APM Areas of Service
Human Support
Health Support
Community &
Economic Development
APM Facts
• Over 43 years serving the
• Organization of $34M
budget and over 240 staff
• Providing many high level
services to the community
• Hope VI Experience
• Strong capacity & expertise
to coordinate multiple
• Use Efforts to Outcomes
database to track outcomes
People Goals
We have a comprehensive
“One-Family, One Plan” model to meet CNI goals:
1. Children, youth, and adults
are physically and mentally
2. Children enter Kindergarten
ready to learn
3. Norris Apartments Children
are proficient in Core
Academic Subjects
People Goals
3. Youth graduate high school college- and career-ready
4. Households are economically stable and self-sufficient
5. Youth are engaged in positive youth development programming that
will decrease youth violence in the community
Residents’ primary entry point into the People Strategy will be
through the APM Case Managers connecting to services and
coordinating partners in a client driven process.
Supportive Services
– Instances of Asthma, COPD,
Diabetes, Hypertension and
Physical Disability are high
– Most residents do not have
health insurance or are on
federally- assisted insurance
– 26.5% of current residents
report fair to poor health
Evidence Based Strategy
• APM Case Manager working with an
APM Health Connector shall meet
with every Norris Apartment
household and connect and follow up
with residents to ensure they receive
the health services
• New FQHC at Paseo Verde will
conduct health assessments for all
Norris Apartment households,
providing a wide array of mental
health, general health, and social
services as well as increasing capacity
by X to serve the community
Evidence Based Strategy
• Physical activity and healthy
lifestyles will be promoted both
through the APM Health
Connectors, APM Sports Connector
connecting young and old to
recreation and physical activities
• Healthy food options for children in and
out of school advanced through the
Get Health Philly In and Eat. Right. Now
- has contributed to a 5% reduction in
childhood obesity in Philadelphia
Evidence Based Strategy
• Philadelphia Corporation for the Aging position to provide a range
of chronic disease, fitness, new programs and hypertension
screening for Norris residents aged 60+
By Year 5
10% increase in
children, youth and
adults reporting
good physical health
By Year 5
25% decrease in children,
youth and adults
reporting symptoms of
mental distress

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