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Hints to filing a successful
application – the first time- with
The Florida Board of Medicine!
Where is the application?
► Go
Roadmap to FL Licensure
► 1)
Preview application online (available in PDF
format) and checklist
► 2) Request ALL transcripts from undergraduate
courses ($ price depends on school)
► 3) $65 Federation of State Medical Board to
request copy of USMLE score reports be sent
directly to FL Board of Medicine board (get a copy
for yourself while you are at it)
Roadmap continued
► 4)
Request your medical school send the Medical
Degree Verification Form directly to the FL Board
of Medicine
► 5) Licensure Verification Form directly to the FL
Board of Medicine and they will send to the Dept
of Health
► 6) Start filling out application form (you can do
this online in more than one sitting and save.)
Roadmap continued
► 7)
Request the following from Cynthia Powell
a. Letter for Florida Birth Related Neurological
Compensation Association (NICA Exemption)
b. Letter of good standing from Dr. Black
c. Post Graduate Training Letter
d. Copy of Medical School Diploma
Roadmap continued
► 8)
Set aside time to do each of the following:
a. $87 Electronic fingerprinting (make apt
online and go to site)
b. $6 Get 2x2 photo (can use CVS or
Walgreens or use your own)
► 9) Other sites to visit and complete paperwork
a. $24 National Practitioner Databank selfquery (must be notarized)
b. $35 AMA Profile
Roadmap complete
► Total
License application fee: $705 + fees above
► Having
your FL medical license in your hand:
The Application
► Most
of the answers are self-explanatory
but we will go through some of the more
common questions in the next few slides
Question #2
► Application
Question #2
Licensure by examination:
Examination means that you have
successfully completed Steps 1, 2 & 3 of
the USMLE, all parts of the NBME or
FLEX and you do not hold a valid medical
license in the United States.
Most of you will
be by
Licensure by endorsement:
You have passed ALL parts of a national
examination (USMLE, NBME or FLEX)
You are currently licensed in the U.S. or Canada,
have actively practiced pursuant to such
licensure for at least 10 years, have passed a
state board of LMCC examination and passed
the SPEX examination.
You have completed the formal requirements of
an international medical school except the
internship or social service requirement, passed
parts I and II of the NBME or ECFMG equivalent
examination, and completed an academic year
of supervised clinical training.
NOTE: In spite of the fact that the above
states part I and II of the NBME or ECFMG
– YOU MUST pass Step III of the USMLE in
order to qualify for consideration of
licensure. This is a mandatory requirement
for all applicants.
NOTE: If you are a Foreign Medical
Graduate you must complete 2 years of
training in an accredited residency program.
Non-accredited fellowships will not satisfy
the training requirements needed for this
pathway to licensure.
Question #2
► If
you are currently employed as a resident
or advanced subspecialty resident/fellow in
a training program you qualify for a reduced
fee. Your license will reflect an “in-training”
►Background check fee:
►Initial license fee:
►NICA fee:
$500.00 (non-refundable)
$52.00 (non-refundable)
Question #3
► Name
changes or those of you going
Question #3
► All
name changes must have supporting
 i.e. A marriage license, copy of new social
security card, legal paperwork, etc.
Questions #4-6
► Addresses
and Phone Numbers
Questions #4-6
► Mailing
Address = Your Home Address
 This is where they will send you information about
your application and in the end your license
► Primary
Practice Address = Shands Hospital
 1600 SW Archer Road
Gainesville, FL 32608
► Telephone:
 Home = Your number
 Work = 352-265-0111
 Cell = Your number
Question #12
Question #12
► You
must detail all of your education
 This includes
►One summer course
►Dual Enrollment
►If you took a class anywhere!!!!!
 Even if it is included in another school’s transcripts
Question #12 - Continued
Question #12 - Continued
► If
you answer YES to any of the questions
12a-e you must provide additional
documentation (i.e. a separate sheet of
► Leave of absence during medical school or
training must be documented. You need to
provide the board with an explanation
(separate sheet of paper) as well as a letter
from your program or school or have it
documented on the Board’s evaluation form.
Question #13
Question #13
► For
most of you…
University of Florida
Pediatric Residency Program
PO Box 100296
Gainesville, FL 32610
Question #13 - Continued
Question #13 - Continued
► If
you answer YES to any of questions 13a-c
you must provide additional documentation
(i.e. a separate sheet of paper) and have
documentation submitted by the training
► Question #13C
 Leave of absence/break is anything that goes
beyond your normal annual leave and/or sick leave
 Maternity leave that was taken as annual leave/sick
leave is not considered a break/leave of absence
Question #14
► Licensing
Examination, for most of you this
Question #15
► The
date you started residency
 Hint: 07/01/12 
Question #16
► You
do not need to list your training license
► Most of you will leave this blank
Question #16 - continued
► If
you answer YES to any of the questions 16ae you must provide additional documentation
(i.e. a separate sheet of paper)
 If you answer yes you may need one of the
► Licensure
status directly from the licensing entity or
► International license verification(s) if you have practiced
outside of the US for at least 2 of the previous 4 years
► Documentation directly from the licensing entity
supporting your yes answers for items 16a-e
Question #17
after medical school
Question #17
EVERYTHING you have done since graduating from medical school
must be documented in chronological order…
Graduate from Medical School 5/4/2001
5/5/01 – 6/30/01 – On vacation, relocating
7/1/01 – 5/22/02 – Residency – USF, Tampa, FL
5/23/02 – 9/14/02 – Medical LOA – DOCUMENT
9/15/02 – 6/25/03 – Residency – USF, Tampa, FL
6/26/03 – 7/14/03 – Relocate to San Antonio, TX
7/15/03 – 6/14/04 – Residency – San Antonio, TX
6/15/04 – 9/1/04 – On vacation, driving a cab, taking long walks to
nowhere….(You get the idea!)
 9/2/04 – 10/31/04 – Relocate to Key West (yes, you like the walks to
nowhere…especially at sunset so you’ve decided to spend the rest of your
life in paradise doing Locum Tenens!)
 11/04 – present – Private Practice – Key West, FL (much more profitable
this way – you’re still in paradise and have wonderful office hours!)
Honestly, even if it was just one month it needs to be listed.
 Listing the time as vacation/relocation is fine
Question #17c
► You
do not have hospital privileges as a
resident – so don’t list that!
► Most residents will leave this blank
Question #41
► Check
this box. You have done this as a
► Ask Cynthia for a letter in support of this.
Question #43
Question #43
► The
correct answer is:
 Category II: Financial Responsibility Exemptions
 6. I practice medicine exclusively as an officer,
employee, or agent of the federal government,
the state, or its agencies or subdivisions.
Question #45
You are Exempt. But you still have to fill out the form.
► You need a letter from the program director for
documentation – ask Cynthia for this.
Question #46
What you look like
now… Not what you
wished you looked
like, looked like in
high school, etc. 
Don’t forget the
Medical Degree Verification
Only fill out #1-3
Contact your medical
school to find out who
handles these forms.
They will need to
complete it and send
it DIRECTLY to the
Board of Medicine.
Post-Graduate Training
This is completed
by Dr. Black.
Ask Cynthia to
help you with
this. It will be
to the Board of
The Checklist and Supplemental
You can submit
Must go
Board (i.e. you
request and they
send – cannot
be mailed by
► Now
► Go online to find a Livescan service
providers at:
► Make appointment online and go in person
to have electronic fingerprints taken
Your Smiling Face 
This is the
picture you
attached earlier
Yes you have to pay for this
You can go to
the University
Department to
get this done.
follow the
instructions on
the next slide!!!
If you are in a residency or fellowship at the time of certification
(approval), you may pay a reduced license fee. As a result, your
license will reflect an “in-training” status – this does not matter…
► Reduced Fees:
Application fee: $500.00 (non-refundable)
Background check fee: $48.00 (non-refundable)
Initial license fee: $205.00
NICA fee: Exempt (please read information at )
You need another letter from Dr. Black to verify this – again ask
► Make one cashier’s check or money order for the total
amount payable to the Department of Health-Board of Medicine.
► Mail complete fee with your application
Be sure to get
all of them!!
This could take
depending on
your school so
request these
You might as
well make a lot
of copies (you
are going to
need them for
other things
You have to
request this,
then get it
signed and
before mailing it
to the Board.
See next slide.
National Practitioners DataBank
► Look
for the Practitioners link and then selfquery
► $16.00 fee
Exam Reports
This needs to
be send
the Board.
You can request
it here:
Letters of Recommendation
This needs to be
send DIRECTLY to
the Board.
You need to ask
TWO people to
write you a letter
Think Continuity
AMA Profile
Request it here:
Again there is a fee
and it must go
DIRECTLY to the Board
Other Things…
Certification – if you are a Foreign Medical
► Verification of ECFMG status report sent directly
from the ECFMG
► Your undergraduate degree and 5th pathway
certificate, if applicable
► Verification of NBME I & II exam or ECFMG
equivalent score reports sent directly from the
NBME or ECFMG, if you completed a 5th pathway
► Send
is worth the trouble to go to the post office and
the additional postage.

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